Bye then!

By B.. - 01/09/2020 23:00

Today, my girlfriend, after 9 months of coffee shop dates and sharing bottles of wine, relaxing, expressing our love for each other, decided it was time to end our relationship by telling me that she actually wasn't happy, and had her and all of her friends and family block me on every social media. FML
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Isn't losing access to her network part of standard break-up protocol?

Maybe she wanted more than a platonic relationship?


Maybe she wanted more than a platonic relationship?

It sounds like they had more than a platonic relationship.

Isn't losing access to her network part of standard break-up protocol?

wormjat 5

Got ghosted, sucks but it may be time to move on!

Yeah, rookie mistake. Girls don't just want to be respected. They want to be desired as well. As the man it is your job to I itiate physical intimacy. It is hard to know what to do with all the hectic feminism around but girls still do like a take-charge kind of guy. There is a huge difference between seeking consent and violating consent.

That's a shitty ass girlfriend you got rid of. I hope you find someone worthy and she stays alone.

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I’m guessing you paid for all the coffee and wine. Not the you shouldn’t. You should pay for all the coffee and wine, but after one or two you gotta get that relationship moving or pull the plug. Did you ever hangout and talk to each other without anything being purchased? Big sign there.

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Could be one of two things or both: (1) Girlfriend wanted more out of the relationship than she was getting. (2) Girlfriend met someone else. OP - You have my sympathy. Give yourself a set time to mourn the relationship loss and then when that time is over move on. Being ghosted means you have to move on. This is over. She’s not going to give you more of an explanation for the breakup for whatever reasons she has. That’s not very mature on her part, but that’s the choice she made. Accept that and move on. Be glad that she was a girlfriend and not a wife or fiancé. The sooner you move on the sooner you can find someone else.

there are some people who struggle with intimacy and acceptance