By Anon O'Mous - United States
Today, I was taking a shower at the gym when hearing a loud popping noise. Surprised and startled, I jumped and slipped, hitting my head against the shower wall that left a small gash. The pop noise was just someone blowing bubbles from their gum. FML
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  planetsmurf  |  6

82-not always has it also depends on what the OP considers a small gash, there is no universal measurement for small. And the OP never mentioned alot of blood which I would think would have been a point to make in the story

  GoW_Chick  |  14

Anyone else noticed 3 said napping instead of snapping, confused the hell out of me I mean why would someone be sleeping with a towel or is that some sort of new weird fetish I haven't discovered yet?

  aurynforever  |  11

I thought bubbles was a chimp.