By Username - 12/09/2010 14:46 - France

Today, I went to a gay club with my supportive straight best friend to find me a date. Somehow, she managed to go home with a guy and I'm still decidedly single. FML
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Wow, either your friend found the only straight guy in the bar, or she can turn a gay man straight.

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aww, maybe it wasn't your time ? keep positive though :)


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lol that's sad! but funny:P

 That worked out well, now didn't it OP? 

then u should go to a straight bar. and find a gay dude

it's just one night. there's plenty other nights you can go to the club.

Ydi for being gay!  And for using your best friend to get yourself laid, how do you think she feels when you take her to a bar where she has little chance of finding someone, and then she has to sit there and watch you get lucky. I'm glad she left you there alone, bitch.

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that was gay of her tehe.

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women are picky, no matter what their orientation.

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OP- Your best friend turned a gay guy straight. She must be hot ;D

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haha so there was two straight people there.

I iz bored, would u be my friend? I have a big pink pussy!

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Maybe you should try woman again if men ain't workin for ya...

u should of had a threesome  

#1 - It's 'they're' on your picture, not there.

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Don't worry about it OP. Most of the clubs I go to people are already drunk and are there to just dance. If people do find each other its just to F*ck. So don't take it as a bad thing...unless that's what you wanted then FYL for being unattractive? Seriously though...try somewhere else like a gay bar or a website or school club. if you have an Iphone or Itouch the app Grindr is really good to find gay singles in your area for whatever reason you have...Good luck dude and don't make us look bad!!!! k? :)

I didn't know you could pick up straight girls at gay clubs! I must look into this.

haha ouch you got ditched :(

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aww, maybe it wasn't your time ? keep positive though :)

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aww, don't worry, you'll find someone

Ahh omg I love your hair! :o

Ydi for trying to use her. You should be happy for her and not try to use her to get yourself laid dick.

how the fuck did he use her???

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did you expect to become un-single after just one night at a gay club? I'm sure if you were to give it up like your friend you would still be single.

Nothing like meeting a SO at a club.

freeze is a fucktard

cvkane113 is a retard.

woooooooow. wait r u a boy??!?!

your comment made me giggle ;)

Dear God, people can be so stupid sometimes.

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Obviously.. good morning retard. I'm assuming you wouldn't mind if it were lesbians.

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lmao all the fags are pissed at ur comment lol ily!!!

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soo your straight best friend went home with a gay guy.........

I was thinking the same thing! noone else caught that when reading it? lol

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The OP went with a straight friend. It's possible that other straight people went to the club with straight friends. The two single gay guys should have hooked up! ;-)

Wow, either your friend found the only straight guy in the bar, or she can turn a gay man straight.

Or he swings both ways

Or she looks like a guy

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haha 25 that's what I was thinking.

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oooor he's a bisexual. it's not that hard they hang around gay bars too.

Bi-Sexual people do go to gay bars you know