By halfie - 26/09/2015 05:06 - United States - Pigeon Forge

Today, while on my first ever date, I ordered a really hot curry, hoping to impress my date. "Yeah," I said smoothly, "not everyone can handle spicy food." When I took a bite, my eyes watered, my mouth burned, and I had to plead for water in between moaning like a dying baboon. FML
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I didn't know being able to eat spicy food was something that can be considered impresive.

YDI. Don't bite off more than you can chew just to impress someone.


Actions speak louder than words

Care to explain how this saying is suitable here?

I think #1 meant if OP had just ordered the spicy meal without the braggart statement; he would have made a better impression when he pushed his plate away and looked at her with "save me" eyes

Milk would have helped you out better

YDI. Don't bite off more than you can chew just to impress someone.

Looks like OP got burned trying to look hot.

Literally, in this case anyways.

hopefully the date thought it was funny and doesn't think less of him I'll bet it was hilarious XD

Indeed. You shouldn't need to try to impress anyone. I know that belongs on a cat poster somewhere, but it's true.

I didn't know being able to eat spicy food was something that can be considered impresive.

That's what I was thinking. That's the best OP has got?? Eating spicy food, so impressive

He was just trying to curry his date's favor :)

To be fair, I can't take any spicy and I've been mocked by many for it. I don't see why you'd try to use it to impress someone though.

Honestly, if someone ate spicy food while dining with me I would be more worried about them passing nuclear-level gas. Ditto for burps. Long story short; I would not go near any of their holes!

Haha yep! What I would find impressive on a dinner date, is someone who can educate me about and introduce me to new foods. Now THAT is a turn on!

I read somewhere that people's tolerance of spicy foods is proportional to their testosterone levels. However you can't somehow up your testosterone levels by forcing down food that is too hot for you.

In Louisiana, half our foods are spicy, and I love it, but I can only take Mexican style spicy food, from Tex-Mex restaurants and the like. Tabasco sauce from my own state I can't stand. Something about the scent of it is a major turn off for me. I've caught a lot of hell because of that growing up.

Fun fact, its not a taste, its actually your tongue thinking its burning. So yeah, it actually causes pain if you can't handle it.

Because heaven forbid you just fucking TALK to the person instead of trying to impress them.

Right, because being able to eat spicy food is a huge turn on for the opposite sex. Next time, be yourself. Show offs never win op. Better luck next time

was she from India?

Don't show off to impress people, it will almost always backfire. Hope your date was understanding, though.

Well hopefully this taught you to be less of a tool next time.

Was this your first experience with spicy food or something? I would think you should've already known you can't handle it and would just make a fool of yourself.

Maybe they thought they'd be able to keep a straight face and fake it, even if their mouth was burning. I still don't know why they thought that would be so impressive though...