By Anonymous - 04/01/2012 03:30 - Canada

Today, as an important meeting with clients was drawing to a close, we all stood up and they bid their farewells. My response was to blurt out, "Hello!" FML
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Just tell them you hate to say goodbye because that means you might not see them ever again

How are you? :)


How are you? :)

How do you think he/she is?! Obviously embarrassed!

He was responding to her "hello". It was sarcasm, don't be so harsh.

^Speaking of misinterpreting tone...

What a great fucking person you must be, OP.

How does that even happen?

OP must've been hardcore daydreaming to be able to pull off a stunt such as this!

Rookie mistake..

I do that all the time! I just smile, then hurry to run away. Hoping they heared me wrong.

Yeah you should have followed it up with " it me you're looking for"

It works in hawaii...too bad ur not there...

"I don't know why you say "goodbye", I say "Hello!!"....Hello! Hello!..." =D

Imagine the looks you got xD

Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be. There will be an answer, let it be.

Think before you speak

Everyone has the moments when they dont think. Op should be lucky this was only a minor incedent. I bet they forgot about it already!

3- same for you buddy. (:

I thought before I typed buddy

Sometimes thinking before you speak doesn't work out. One time I was at work helping a customer who asked for a product from the back. When I returned and gave him his item my mouth wanted to say "you're welcome", but my brain wanted to say "no problem". So I ended up saying "you're problem." Thankfully I only got a weird look.

Someone's smart today.

Only Canadians...

Pffft.. Can't judge Canadians that way. Everyone has an off day.

Lols true!!!

Just tell them you hate to say goodbye because that means you might not see them ever again

Um this is getting thumbed down because? Thats actually pretty smart.

Or Op could just get over it. It's not that big of a deal...

Thats what i posted but then it got moderated.

FUCKING GENIUS. I'm going to try that now.

Don't tell a client you're worried that you might never see them again. Sounds like you are worried they'll discover your shoddy business practices and fire you.

Hope your blurt was overshadowed by a a very impressive presentation at the meeting.

Opposite day?

You capitalize the letter at the end of a sentence?

!noitcnuf tide uoy nmaddoG

I keep trying to shake my iPod as if the words will reappear in normal Arrangement of letters...

Did they say hello back at you?

Thats when you put your phone to your ear and pretend. Hello? Hello?

Cool story bro. What page do you shut the fuck up?

Or pretend you had a bluetooth

Whats the big deal? You said hello instead of goodbye, so what? This is not FML worthy