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Today, my mom announced to everyone that she wants at least ten grandchildren. I'm an only child. FML
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juice723 tells us more.

So yeah I've seen some comments asking for a follow up... I'm a girl. my mom has always said that her greatest regret was not having more children herself, but she's, you know, going through menopause... So I think wanting a lot of grandchildren is her way of making up for that. She has also clarified that she will be happy with four grandchildren, which is what I want to have. It was just wishful thinking that she could have that many grandchildren to help raise. Sorry if this long comment is confusing, but I hope it helps to clear things up!

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well, if she wants lots of grandchildren, then she should have had more children herself!


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Chill out OP, I'm guessing she wasn't being a 100% serious... though I'm also guessing (genius that I am) that she was trying to hint at something...

36, your entire comment contradicts itself.

5 sets of twins and 5 part time jobs to support them

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She never said great grand kids don't count...

"Should of had more children, then, Mom!"

well, if she wants lots of grandchildren, then she should have had more children herself!

Technology and science advances, these days, make it possible for nearly anyone to have a baby. OP's mom can still have more kids. She just has to stick around long enough to make sure they have kids too.

Not trying to ruin the fun but it should be up to OP how many kids OP wants to have. On a more relaxed note, I can see OP's mom saying what she did as a joke. A follow up would certainly be great in this one :)

@25: This follow-up should include whether OP is male or female.

i think op is a female. a male with a lot of kids tends to make people think about all of the sex he has. a female with a lot of kids... well, i applaud someone like that because thats a lot of labor pains :/ but unless they post we'll never know!

Maybe she should ask her mom when she plans to have more children to provide some of those 10 grandkids.

Yeah, OP's mom while she takes care of all those grandchildren she's demanding!

Plot twist: She's the only biological child.

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For your genitals sake i hope you're a man

#35 the point remains that we hope OP isn't going to have a ****** that flops in the wind

#35 It's more likely a person is born with the right set of genitals. And I don't think the mother would have mentioned willing to get so many grandchildren if the OP is transgender. I don't know a lot of transmen willing to get pregnant anyway, including myself.

I've heard it gets less painful every time. The last one will just fall right out!

I'm not transgender so forgive me if I'm wrong but I don't think that most trans men would want to get pregnant. I can imagine that pregnancy could cause them severe dysphoria

45, how the hell do you remember your username?

Judging by the name "QueenBee", I assume OP is, unfortunately, female.

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After number 5 they'll just fall out.

#106 I'd assume that the numbers correspond with a word or a phrase to make them easier to remember; or it could be just the motions to remember. My password is super long so I don't remember the actual numbers, just the motions I go through to type the numbers.

@176 That's quite true, didn't even think of that. Must be a pain to type in on a phone if FML automatically logs you out haha

whether you're male or female you don't want ten ******* kids

@48: Speak for yourself. I aim for at least half a dozen or more. Ten is not so far off the mark.

#48, I have 10 kids in my house. 3 step kids, 2 adopted, and 5 biological. So yeah, some do want 10 kids

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No, its not what she wants. Its not het body, her finances, or her life. Its her offsprings.

Then she should have been the one to have 10 kids. Or she should have had at least four or five so that each child could have a realistic amount of kids (and that's even if all her kids wanted to have their own)

Listen to what you want, not what she wants. Having 10 children is ridiculous nowadays

Having 10 children is only ridiculous nowadays? "Hey remember those times when the more kids you had the cooler it was?!" - Said nobody ever, I'd hope.

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Actually not too long ago it was not uncommon for one family to have 7,8, 9+ children

True, but it was also not uncommon for only 2 or 3 of them to survive to adulthood. The large families were insurance against high child mortality. Having said that, my Mum was the youngest of 7.

im countries where polygamy is practiced people in such relationships often end up having ridiculous amounts of kids. Hell, the South African president has 3 wives at the moment, two he used to be married to and 22 kids. Although at least in those cases, it's more than one woman pushing out all those babies. I can't imagine a lot of women being crazy enough to plan on pushing out 10.

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True, my grandma was the youngest of her sixteen children.

Another reason having so many kids was so common is a lot of families were Catholic and didn't believe in using birth control

96, that's impressive on your grandmas part, being younger than her own children.

It still happens sometimes. I'm the second oldest out of 8.

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My grandmothers came from families of 14 and 11 children. It was common back then.

Well what are you waiting for !??! Go get to squriting or if your a girl go get to laying some eggs!

I don't think many males or females would want 10 children. It would be very expensive and painful.

Yes I actually agree, see my joke up there was supposed to be considered as a joke but I guess no one can take a joke anymore.

Don't worry, we can still take jokes. They just need to make sense and.. well, you know, be funny?

I found it funny but I guess that was just me... anyway I appreciate for you guys not being assholes and being nice about it. And Happy super bowl sunday!!

I'm guessing someone already thought of this but tell her that you want at least ten more brothers and sisters *thumbs up*