By Damn millennials! - 25/10/2018 23:45 - Philippines - Taguig

Today, I was at the mall with my 7-year-old granddaughter. When we entered a clothing store, she pulled me back, saying loudly, "Grandma! This is 'Forever 21'! 'Currently 58' is down that way!" I blame my son for this little troll. FML
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I like her sense of humor.

That kid is going places.


That kid is going places.

I foresee an Fml comment of the week in her future!

I like her sense of humor.

MamaChey 22

And THAT’S why 7 is my very favorite age for kids!!!

Point to the parking garage and say “Going Home Empty-Handed” is this way. The little brat can practice her Don Rickles comedy act at home.

Don't be too hard on yourself... 58 is still pretty young by grandmother standards!

Alup132 22

OP, you’re my mom’s age, and my dad is 8 years older, it’s not that bad! I’m only 18, so it’ll be unfortunate when I’m older, however.

Hey, it says "Forever" 21. That's right, even when you're 58.

Well, you're the one who raised your son.

hxnniemxrie 3