By erin3809483 - 23/05/2009 00:12 - United States

Today, while installing a deadbolt on my closet, I did it wrong. It closed but wouldn't lock so I had to re-install it. Sitting on the floor of my closet, I shut it to make sure it was installed correctly. I locked myself in for twenty minutes, home alone, before kicking the door down. FML
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umm a deadbolt on my closet because i'm home from college and my sister steals all of my clothes. also, its not a deadbolt but like one of those doorknobs that have a key lock and when you install a new doorknob there is the piece that clicks into the wall when it shuts. I installed it backwards to decided to check and make sure it was right the 2nd time and it clicked therefore, i was locked in the closet because you install the knob after that.

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Duckie101 0

.......deadbolt.....on a closet? umm....por que, man?

Why the hell were you installing a deadbolt on a closet??


You should have thought that one through. ha ha.

1. why the heck do you need a deadbolt on your closet? 2. how do you lock yourself in? in order to lock it you would need the key. I call fake.

RacistPancake 6

Who puts a deadbolt on a closet door? Is the closet used for hiding bodies?

You must be a Amazonian. I don't think I could break a door down with a deadbolt lock and I'm a big dude.

Kp_10 0

Reading the last line of the FML nearly gave me a panic attack! Locked in the closet for 20 mins, home alone? FYL!

Duckie101 0

.......deadbolt.....on a closet? umm....por que, man?

Doctor who would never have these problems... Lol

I'm trying to figure out how you could lock a deadbolt in such a manner that you weren't able to unlock it... One side has a key, one side has a lever... if you were on the key side you'd need the key to lock it, and with the lever side, you'd just use that. How in the hell did you lock yourself in with a deadbolt? Did you happen to mean doorknob? that would make more sense.

jordanjames21 1

yeah that kinda dumb. and why the hell does anyone need a dead bolt on a closet door anyways? we should smack this person.

Why the hell were you installing a deadbolt on a closet??

Why was the keyhole on the inside of the closet? Were you planning on locking children in there?

YDIoveragain 4

YDI if the story is real. How can you lock urself in?

liz1908 0

HAHA!! Oh man, too funny. You get my "dumbass" pin for the day.