By jeffnn - 24/12/2016 04:18 - United States - Melbourne

Today, while building a gingerbread house with my two kids, they thought it would be funny to pee on it while I wasn't looking. Nobody noticed until my wife ate one of the pee-covered gingerbread men. FML
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<p>YDI. A soggy baked good is pretty easy to identify.</p>

They peed on the gingerbread house are they ok? lmao mentally that is


Wait, so they PEED on your ginger bread?! What kids would do that?!

They peed on the gingerbread house are they ok? lmao mentally that is

and physically once that dad is through with them.

Was she pissed off? :D

Better that than pissed on, like the gingerbread house.

How did she not notice a soaking wet ginger bread man?

And how does one not notice the smell?

Please why, I don't understand D: What is wrong with your kids??

What the hell? I've heard of kids doing some pretty crazy/disgusting things, but this is a whole new kind of bad behavior. I hope you punished them for this.

How did your wife not notice the pee soaked nor the nasty smell of the gingerbread cookies?

How old are these kids.... Where were you while this was taking place....pack up them Xmas gifts till next year...

Urine trouble!

Title of one of my undergrad projects. Not kidding.

The degree of FMLness depends on the age of the kids in question. Imagine how much worse it'd be if they were teenagers

The age doesn't even matter. Once they are old enough to be able to aim without someone helping them (somewhere around 2 years old), they are old enough to know where peeing is acceptable. Something is seriously wrong with them.

Little Bobby turns 35 next March.