By Me - 19/11/2015 22:00 - United States - San Francisco

Today, while bench pressing at the gym, I noticed my spotter had spit hanging from his mouth right above me. When I tried to warn him about it, he ignored me and told me to finish the set. When the drool fell in my mouth, I was startled and dropped the 175 weights and bar on my chest. FML
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I read spit and already knew this wasn't going to end well :(

Maybe he was drooling over your muscles (;


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You should *have* had proper grammar.

Should of? People are still writing that? With all the Grammar Nazis you would think eventually they would get it....

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I see that you have only one comment on your profile #1 so this must be it, here's to hoping the others are better that this one.

Yeah man, someone spits into your mouth, just power through it, nothing wrong with swapping saliva with your spotter. Very personal relationship, yes yes. No, if things fly into your mouth you tend to cough or gag, and that can impede working out for a quick second.

Maybe he was drooling over your muscles (;

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They say the tongue is one of the strongest muscles, so maybe he was drooling 'on' OP's muscle?

Ouch! I hope the damage isn't too bad. Best wishes! And why the heck would OP deserve it?

When somebody spits in your mouth. The damage is beyond repair

I read spit and already knew this wasn't going to end well :(

maybe time to get a diff spotter? best of luck!

if I blur my eyes, your profile picture looks like a black dick.

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That would be very tough to get off your chest OP.

Looks like a auto correct, it is very easy to type spitter into spotter and other way round.

C'mon..."My spitter had spit hanging from his mouth..." ?????? I don't know if that was really bad sarcasm or if I have a terrible sense of humour...