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its was two other girls both bigger then me and in their late 20s fighting over donuts.
By Nebraskawreck - / Friday 2 November 2018 20:01 /
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  Kristen Lawless  |  8

it depends on what state. I live in Alabama and they can literally fire you for any reason or no reason at all

By  xxWTFxx1981  |  13

Anyone that fires a pregnant women is looking at a automatic lawsuit... I think he just wants you gone now rather then having to wait for you to return after giving birth...

By  avanillachai  |  2

Worked as a corrections officer... Even at 8 months pregnant, I had to be able to perform the essential functions of my job, including potentially being involved in fights, to maintain my position as an officer. If this was an essential function of your job and you couldn't perform it, thats on you. If not, you might have a case against them.


This is ridiculous... Clearly your employer had zero concern for your safety if they saw it was appropriate for a heavily pregnant woman to still be exposed to potential violence.
Couldn't they put you behind a desk or something?

By  Kristoffer  |  30

I don't care if you're 7'6", 500 lbs, and can bench press an F150. You should not be expected to break up a fight unless you're some sort of security guard or peace officer.

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