By Kaylz - 07/03/2016 04:35 - Australia - Brisbane

Today, I was given a $100 cookbook as a gift by a co-worker. The man who shares a desk with me didn't realise it was mine, as he was at lunch when I got it, so he decided to give it to my boss when he walked in. My boss is refusing to return it. FML
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Steve97 32

Get your other co worker to vouch that it was a gift and report your boss for theft. Unless your company as a strict policy against gift giving.

alex_the_tiger 14

At a loss for words by how much of an ass your boss is


alex_the_tiger 14

At a loss for words by how much of an ass your boss is

I'm actually more appalled by the man who stole the book from the desk. He should just re-buy the book new and give to OP.

Nobody stole the book. He probably thought someone accidentally left it there and handed it to the boss to return it to its owner.

Then why, #34, does the boss refuse to return it?

I think the co-worker saw an opportunity to give his boss a gift and kiss up to him. Which would explain why the boss does'nt want to give it back. He believes it was a gift for him.

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Did you even read any of the FML?

In your most recent comment,#63, you basically said that the boss stole the book by saying that he might have taken it from the lost property. By saying this you contradicted your previous statement saying 'Nobody stole the book'. I think you should re-read the FML.

Steve97 32

Get your other co worker to vouch that it was a gift and report your boss for theft. Unless your company as a strict policy against gift giving.

This makes no sense at all, because the desk sharer gifted the stolen book to the boss. If gifting was a strict no-no, then the desk sharer would be in the wrong gifting it to the boss in the first place (as well as thieving it to gift).

askullnamedbilly 33

Not that I disagree with you or any of the other people who told OP to go to HR or the police, but it's not as simple as that. OP actually has a choice to make - what's more important to them, getting justice (and the book back) or their job? Sure, they legally cannot be fired for it, but they're always going to be on their bosses (and probably several other people's) shitlist and will be treated accordingly. There's a good chance taking legal action could put them in a very toxic position in the workplace and lead to them being passed over for promotions and the like. That's obviously not fair and not right, but unfortunately most of life isn't. If OP really loves their current job and the company they work at, this might be a problem.

I agree with you #2. Maybe even get camera footage if necessary. #61, you have a fair point, and that's a very possible outcome. Even still, it's the principle of it all. OP should get the justice they deserve, it being a "petty" cookbook or not. Either someone fork over $100 or the book is returned. The workplace may not have personal lockers and thus they had no choice but to go on the trust system. It could have happened before the OP had a chance to take it to their car on a break.

how to deal with it all depends on if your boss has a boss of him/herself. If so, simply go over his head and also HR. This is theft and if your boss says this he could easily be fired/replaced. If he is the owner of the company start looking for a other job cause its a ass and still call the cops.

That guy was an ass for giving away something that wasn't his, even if it was on his shared desk. The boss is an ass for not returning it, can you get the co-worker to stand up for you and prove purchase

MikaykayUnicorn 36

Yeah, who just finds a book on a SHARED desk and immediately thinks "I'm gonna give this to my boss"? That would be like me finding my brother's shoes in the hall between our rooms and giving them to my dad. Clearly it wasn't mine and it doesn't have a note saying "Hey ___ this is for you" so why take it and give it to someone else? It makes no sense. Fuck that dude and your boss, OP.

You should get HR involved

snarkytruth 37

Coworker owes you a new book. Boss is crooked if he won't return it. Both are jerks.

_awwhellnaw_ 45

I'm not sure whose worse, your co-worker for giving it away, or your boss for not giving it back. FYL

Did he give it to your boss as a lost item? Like for the company lost and found? Either way your boss sucks. Maybe you should go higher up and raise complaints to his boss

steve02134 7

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usnwife 18

It was on his desk... that have been the most "away" he could put it. This wasnt a case of him being careless with it, this was a case of theft

Where was OP supposed to put it? They most likely didn't just leave it on the floor, or wrong side of the shared desk. The co-worker should have asked before giving it to their boss. End of story.

did you read the fml? op was AT LUNCH when the book found its way to their desk. and no the gift giver did nothing wrong by placing it where it would be found.

20- The OP wasn't at lunch, the coworker was.

MikaykayUnicorn 36

Where were they supposed to put it "away?" Were they supposed to put it up their asshole for safe keeping? Putting it on their desk is probably the best they could do.

mariri9206 32

I agree that leaving it on your own desk constitutes as "putting it away" but to everyone saying "where else would they put it," desks typically do have drawers.

usnwife 18

Yeah, but for $100 I would assume the book was fairly large and may not have fit in the drawers, or they were already full with work related stuff...

I actually agree with you. The OP said the person that gave it away is someone They share a desk with. Had the book been put with the OP's personal belongings, maybe this could have been avoided.

Not all desks have drawers. Those at my office certainly don't.

your coworker is the jackass here. even though he wasn't there when you got the cookbook... it's a shared desk. if he sees something that doesn't belong to him, logically he should realize it belongs to you. he needs to get you a new cookbook or get yours back from the boss.

"Oh, there's a thing here on the desk I share with someone else. It's clearly not mine, but I'm gonna assume I can do with it as I please because I am a jerk." Your coworker sounds like a real considerate fellow. Do us both a favor and give something of his away later; see how he feels about it.