By Eloise
Today, I went on my third date with a great guy. We finally got round to talking about his tattoos. All 57 are related to his best friend. All of them. The best friend he never stops talking about. Somehow I don't think this will work out. FML
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  Vanderdale  |  14

Why? it's bad either way. Anyone who has 57 tattoos related to a person they talk about constantly has more than friendly feelings towards them male or female.

By  Chazzster  |  20

I think you can say "Bi-Bi" to that tentative relationship.

I'm assuming the guy is Bi-Sexual or closet gay. No issue with that, but he's probably not promising boyfriend material if you were looking for something exclusive.

By  TaoShaman  |  24

I wouldn't say he automatically has romantic feelings for his friend. Platonic love can be just as strong as romantic love. And like someone else said his friend could have died. Still that many tattoos to one person and talking about just that person all the time is concerning. It seems a tad excessive.