By Anonymous - 11/11/2015 08:51 - Australia - Abbotsford

Today, one of my friends thought it would be funny to tell my psycho clinger of an ex that I still like her. It had only been a few months since she finally stopped stalking me. FML
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Sounds like you need a document that states your previous girlfriend will not be allowed near you.


For both the ex and the "friend," I'd say. That is seriously not cool.

stalkers are hella creepy... I had this girl stalk me like crazy and she started attempting to follow my families social media accounts

Why don't you put a restraining order on your ex?

Lizza330 28

Restraining orders only work if the person you're trying to stay away from isn't crazy.

...which pretty much renders nearly every restraining order ineffective as there's only a small demographic of people who are crazy enough to warrant an order but sane enough to adhere to it.

Doesn't sound like you have a very good friend! If they new how clingy she was, they shouldn't have told her, joke or not.

That is just cruel to both parties. From the sound of it the ex had finally given up and probably tried to move on when they heard that OP still liked them which would make them happy and hopeful again only to find out it was a joke.

You need to let her know that she needs to stop stalking you, if she doesn't get the police involved or consider a restrained order. Nobody should be able to follow you just don't get what stalking is, do you?

Luxray24 13

Unless it's the NSA. Then it's ok.

If saying 'stop stalking me' actually worked, most cases would be resolved without any form of legal intervention.

Sounds like you need a document that states your previous girlfriend will not be allowed near you.

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And gotta hate enemies, for that matter.

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If you were using hyperbole with regard to the stalking, **** her life too. Screwing with people's emotions like that is ****** up.

#7 I don't see how he was messing with her emotions it was his "friend" that said it. Sorry OP I've dealt with crazies like that too. FYL

First off that's not a real friend and second off get a restraining order against her also block her number and block her on all social media (if you haven't done this already)

f her life too. just when she has recovered and your friend's cruel prank had to drag her back into the obsession. dump your friend.