By Username - 03/03/2010 16:34 - France

Today, I found out exactly what Ducolax stool softener is all about. Holy colon cleanse Batman! FML
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I didn't know Batman used that. Huh. Learn sumthin new every day.


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wait wth is it? actually i dont wanna know.......

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Do you like surprise liquid-ish poop? I clicked FYL twice because of that last sentence

It's obviously for when Robin gets wedged in there a little too far...duh

that would be funny if it were for the other kind of stool. but then your stool would be worthless...

the best stool softner is eating at taco bell or white castles.

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I don't even care that op's life isn't effed, this made me laugh! love it!

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you used a laxative fml? this is so dumb it's not even worth this comment

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80 is hot as hell and has some huge ones

If you have experienced the pain of Ducolax, you would understand why it's an FML. So, yeah. STFU. Learn what you're talking about.

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Aahahaha that should be their new slogan. Sick, but I giggled.

yea, what's a stool softener? also, agreed with 93.

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I feel so much better that I can poop normally than ever before.

I didn't know Batman used that. Huh. Learn sumthin new every day.

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that's how he slid down to the batcave

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*shrivels up and gets in the fetal position as the mental imagery engraves itself in her head*

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drink lots and lots of water op.

No, actually don't drink ANY liquids. Then, set up a webcam so we can observe your horrendous pain.

Haha, best FML ever. Favorited just for the Robin reference.

"Lets remove that constipated look on that face"

Unfunny. And what did you think it did? Why else would you have taken it?

Hint: Most things with "lax" in the product name are laxatives.

Re-read my original response and get back to me. I'll wait... (sits on the couch nearby)

The comment my "Relax" reply was in reference to keeps disappearing, so I could be sitting here for a while... (pulls out a copy of "Everyone Poops" from his briefcase and starts reading)

*while Haha, I like your icon, Action. (You too, Robin, but I'd seen it before.)

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lol. old school Robin reference ftw :)

It may be an old-school "Batman and Robin" reference, but in no way am I associated or responsible for the OP's use of this product or his use of that corny phrase.

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