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Today, my mom made me go to church choir rehearsal with her so I could sing "the gay" out of me. FML
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Sing in a really high pitched voice and then slowly make the tone go deeper and then say you're straight

as a scientist I can 100% verify this method


Were you really in that much of a rush for first comment you couldn't have come up with something better? ·-·

That's not the least bit humorous. Have some sensitivity.

I mean, I don't know where you were looking, cause I didn't find it funny. I can't even fathom the corruption and discrepancies of this FML. I don't know what I'm saying. Point is that OP's situation is horrible, can you imagine the thoughts and emotions running through his/her mind; almost unfortunately, I can relate through similar situations in my past. I feel valid in my opinion that it isn't funny.

I wasn't in a rush for top comment. it's just I find things funny when someone else doesn't.

You have a weird sense of humor my friend.

I don't see what your problems are. It is pretty funny.

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Idk why this got thumbed down. I thought the point of this site was to laugh at eachother's pain.

There's a line. If you're incapable of distinguishing where that line is, then you're deficient and need to fix that.

#64 I think they're song lyrics... A tad out of context, however.

#59 makes me want to be gay, guise should I go to church?

I think the issue is the comment is pointless. No puns or jokes, no suggestions, no story. Just a statement that adds nothing at all.

Nobody cares about your opinion. He can share his if he wants. Y'all don't have to vulture him. All OP has to do is not be gay and he can fix his issue.

And THIS is where you draw the line!?

Sing in a really high pitched voice and then slowly make the tone go deeper and then say you're straight

Or go the other way and get more camp the longer you're in church.

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oh yeah, I forgot that was how it works...

as a scientist I can 100% verify this method

Thank god science can send gays to a religious place to take the **** out of them! I mean, can you imagine, they would not please the Lord otherwise!

I'm a church goer and can confirm this works as well

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I'm gay and I can confirm this method will work.

Im a choir and this is the only method I recommend.

The study that was done on this topic was very informative. 10/10, 100% facts.

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as a duck I can confirm that I turned into a goose

I hope regardless of your true personality you acted in a ridiculously camp fashion and belted out songs from musicals, just to embarrass her

Disrupt the choir by singing I'm Coming Out by Diana Ross on top of all their voices

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Wouldn't you normally sing more gay into you in choir

Sing as loud as you can Liza Minnelli style!

I suggest singing It's Okay to be Gay by Tomboy, you'll be FA-BU-LOUS. And it's actually quite hard to sing.