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Today, I realized that when the pest control man said that we may see a few more bugs in the next few days, what he meant was "your kitchen will be covered in them." It's the day before Thanksgiving and I have several people invited over for the Holiday. FML
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Nomnomnom...more protein in your Thanksgiving meal! Be thankful, silly.

At least you have a day. Get some bug spray and get to work.


Nomnomnom...more protein in your Thanksgiving meal! Be thankful, silly.

By me commenting here, I have not only taken second place, but i have also dethroned the guy below of his 3rd place!!!!!!!!! WIN!!

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We'll aren't you just so clever......

Why would you invite people over for a day so close to when you were getting bugs exterminated? YDI because that means you most likely invited them while your house was infested... Ehw

At least you have a day. Get some bug spray and get to work.

3rd oh ehm gee, also kill them yourself bro

bug bomb the place and do it early. It may give you enough time to prepare some items (although a turkey would have to be done elsewhere). Of course, you could be true to the old Momma Joke, "Your momma is so stank all the bugs that surround her are like 'We are family!'" Okay, I'll stop bugging you all.

DO NOT LISTEN TO #4! Bug-bombing can actually make the problem worse depending on what you're dealing with. You're best bet is to consult a professional or research it yourself. Since the former will probably be well booked by now, the latter is probably your best option. Now do yourself a favor and be attentive to the advice that you're being given this time. On another note, plan to cut your turkey roll elsewhere in the meantime. Duh.

#7 - I seem to have good fortune in the past with doing a bug bombing (although the clean-up was a pain in the ass in certain rooms), but I see your point. The best option is always to hire a professional to guarantee the bug-removals, but that usually costs more money, more time, and as you mentioned, they may be well-booked in this short amount of time. OP, LISTEN TO #7 and do the research before deciding on a course of action. Have a great Thanksgiving whatever you decide to do.

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that sux lol stay out of the kitchen as much as possible

Moron used bait to draw them in instead of a repellant right before thanks giving. you should call his boss.

It's the not companies fault for what method they use, OP should have checked first. As for you OP, YDI for waiting until the last minute to get rid of your bugs, should have done it sooner. Shouldn't even have bugs in the first place, but since you do, you shouldn't have waited.

Actually, s/he probaby used a flushing agent such as Permethrin which has actually gotten them from their hiding places. Baits usually take longer to work, and will kill them more often where they live. Its actually what we have to use to do it legally

Actually, since their nests are poisoned, they relocate to open areas until they find somewhere else to settle. They are flushed out by the sprays. The gel is left out for them to snack on and take back to their new nests, to poison the other pests.

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Looks like your going to have a few million guests on Thanksgiving. Just warn your human guests not to eat the lumps in the gravy.

Yet another thing to be thankful for! THANK YOU SANTA :D

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YDI. You should have taken care of your bug problem before Thanksgiving.