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Lol, why didnt you just go to the bathroom?

You dropped DA BOMB on her


HAHA wow that totally sucks for you. shes kinda a bitch for doing that though, its human nature first comment: victory =)

wow.. i would have stayed.. and laughed. everyone farts. I know she does too

what are you talking about, girls can't fart

I laughed so hard when I read this! ya #2 s right though. you should have walked out of the theater to do it. g

Lol, why didnt you just go to the bathroom?

He didn't rly even have to go all the way to the bathroom. He cud have just walked out of the theater, farted, fanned the gas away from his butt and walked right back in. I've done that many times b4 to keep the "girls don't fart" illusion alive. lol

That's what I was wondering. Simple solution. Derrr

You dropped DA BOMB on her

#2 is shoulda just gone to the bathroom, dude and haha #2. that means poo. lol

niiiiiiiiice and #2 am totally agreeing with you

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now THAT'S an FML.

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wow judgemental much?

i was about to say that same thing as #2...common sense i would hope

ahahahaha akward... u gotta work on ur timing ur farts

ROFL. that sucks. (You should've gone to the bathroom before it happened!)