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Today, at my job at the mall, our music malfunctioned and now will only play the same three songs over and over again. Our manager won't let us turn it off because "the customers won't notice". FML
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Doesnt sound much different than the radio nowadays.

Take your iPod to work and sneak it through your clothes.


Take your iPod to work and sneak it through your clothes.

Today, I was shopping at the Mall and they played the same ****** up three songs over and over. I am about to go 'postal'. FML

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Uhm why would someone sneak music in I mean people have iPhones and even if they don't have an iPhone no one is going to chastise them for having and iPod

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If I openly listened to music while at work, I would have about 3 minutes before my boss reaches the "get the gun" stage. Nearly all workplaces prohibit headphones while working.

You would certainly hope they're good songs then!

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Actually, I don't think I would like it if they were good songs. Maybe it's just me, but when I listen to a good song a lot, I almost learn to dislike it. At the very least I don't want to hear it for a while.

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I feel OP's pain... I work at a movie theater and at the the end of the credits I have to listen to "Youtopia" by the guy from Owl City while cleaning the theater.... Hearing the same song about 30 times a day every day is enough to drive one mad.

A work colleague and I once played the one song on repeat through an 8hour shift to see if we had the will power to survive it (it wasn't even a good song). I must say, after 8 hours I was ready to never hear that song again.

44, but what if the three songs were by Beiber, Nikki Minaj and lil Wayne ?

Doesnt sound much different than the radio nowadays.

Exactly what I thought when I read this. Personally, I'm waiting for pop to die out and never come back again. Poor OP, I couldn't stand working there.

The restaurant I work at plays the country station that's plays the same 20 songs all day, for 10 hours a day of work D:

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Justin Bieber is a virtuoso compared to Rebecca Black.

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I voted you down, not because I hate Justin Bieber, but because you bring him up for no reason.

4 : SWEET BABY JESUS I LOVE YOUR PHOTO. Sorry for being off topic.

Why did people thumb down 11? I can't see how someone could not agree... :P

Considering the attention span of most people, it's no big deal.

Yeah and I'm pretty sure no one goes to the mall for the music

Or stays in a shop for longer than 3 songs.

To my knowledge, you'd have to have a shitty shop for that, assuming each song takes about 3 minutes.

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I wouldn't notice, I don't pay attention to that music. Your manager was actually correct, it sounds like the other family in the restaurant, you hear it but have no clue what they say.

Well the music is supposed to be in the background to encourage shoppers by effecting their mood positively; so OP's boss isn't exactly wrong! It's when you're bored and you focus on the music that it becomes a problem!

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Erm.. The point is that the people working at the shop WILL notice.. Poor them!

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I would recommend a therapist if a song gives you the desire to commit suicide...

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Idk what I was thinking when I typed that... I know it's extreme, but that kid is an abomination to this planet.

52 - I hate it music much as the next guy, but you don't need be a that big of jerk.

54 - trust me. That's nothing compared to what everyone else says. I've had the fine privilege of never hearing even one of his songs, so I'll take everyone's word for it.... Ahh, pandora... Netflix! :3 never see unwanted stuffs.

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Well, looks like you're gonna have to deal with listening to the same three songs, over and over again until your head explodes.

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Where I work I hear the same song everyday and that's annoying but the same 3 songs repetitively would be a nightmare. I guess I'll stop composing about the one song since it could be worse.

Hell yea they'll notice! That kinda stuff really makes me not want to shop... almost as much as that crappy blaring music at Hollister....

I worked there when I was 17. It was worse than my pooper scooper job at a kennel.

Welcome to Hollister, here is your gas mask, flashlight, and earmuffs.

I guess my question is why exactly do people shop there? You can't actually see what you're buying, or hear yourself think! I walk around a good chunk of the mall to avoid Hollister because I almost pass out fro the strong oder they call perfume. Gives me headaches!

And that's why I enjoy the shopping at hot topic. I like the music, I can see what I'm buying, and no obnoxious smells! Its heaven

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Hey hey I know where you live :P

It's a sign of the impending zombie apocalypse

Why is it always a zombie apocalypse? What about an ALIEN INVASION?! Those poor Mars people being ignored by everyone else because of some re-animated corpses. This is an outrage I tell you, AN OUTRAGE!