By emily074 - 23/08/2015 03:13 - United States - Salem

Today, the nine year old girl I was babysitting got the hiccups, so I told her to drink some water upside down to cure them. She ended up vomiting on the floor. FML
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I have never heard of that trick. Looks like it doesn't work.

well, it's not good for a person to drink upside down. lesson learned today


I have never heard of that trick. Looks like it doesn't work.

splinteredApple 36

My teacher taught me that trick in 3rd grade. It seemed to work on the student she tried it on. I've never tried it myself.

It's the only thing that has worked for me!

I always do this and it's one of the few things that works for me. But make sure you just bend over rather than trying to do a handstand or something...

It's the only thing that's ever worked for me, and I have a really sensitive gag reflex so having the hiccups has made me sick on more than one occasion. Not sure how i'd cope if the cure made me sick too...

If you get sick to your stomach when upside down, such as myself, this would lead to the same result OP suffered with the babysittee.

addisonrose12 16

I learned about this from an old tv show called ZOOM. And I have tried it myself many times and if you do it right, it works.

well, it's not good for a person to drink upside down. lesson learned today

Drinking water upside down to cure hiccups is a myth. In my experience, if you try to hiccup it cures it or at least makes it better.

Holding my breath after I hiccup always works for me

At least OP didn't go for the ol' rectal massage method.

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The trick where you hold your breath, swallow twice and then exhale slowly, has proven to work every single time for me (though I did have to do it a second time for the one hiccup), and anyone I suggested it to so far.

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Most of the time, the cure for hiccups is to forget about them. So just try really hard to focus on something else. If they still persist, it's most likely trapped gas, or muscle spasms.

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She puked. I would rather have a hiccuping kid than clean up their puke

**** you people disliking 4s comment. I personally thought it was funny, he wasn't being obnoxious and didn't say anything worthy of you arse wipes disliking it.

I never heard of that one. But I always hold my breath for a bit and if you do that I find for me they go away almost always. Did the hiccups stop when she threw up though? Did it work?

Drinking upside down would just make you choke... try taking deep breaths

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Lucky she didn't choke! Who tells a nine year old to drink upside down?!!

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I bet that stopped the hiccups real quick

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Well it stopped the hiccups, right?

You should know that trick is just an old myth. YDI

Well it might not work for everyone but it works for me and I've seen it work for others.

Actually, as hiccups are caused by your diaphragm spasming, and leaning over a sink to drink out of the opposite side of the glass stretches those muscles it gives them a chance to "reset" and therefore does get rid of some peoples hiccups.