By kb - 18/11/2013 06:38 - United States

Today, my mother gave me a bottle of stool softeners as a gift at my baby shower. FML
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that's one shitty gift.. sorry I had to do it.

I sense a tsunami of down votes on the horizon.

perdix 29

#1, aw, poor you! You can always seek professional help to work on your impulse control. If your shrink has sunglasses sitting precariously on his head, seek a different one.

Control yourself! That was a really shitty pun. ... Dammit.

Wow that didn't come out right did it?

Then down vote them and move along. Now go ahead and bury me too..

Remember that scene in airplane where the shit literally hit the fan?

Actually it was a thoughtful gift. Apparently most FML users are too young to know that when a baby has come ripping out your ****** (yes, literally), you will fear ********, causing your stool to harden, hence the softeners. Someday you will understand. Unless you're male. Or lucky.

iGottaFindBubbah 12

I thought it was thoughtful. Most need it after childbirth due to anal fissures from pushing. You'll appreciate it later, op.

No matter how necessary stool softeners could end up being, a far more diplomatic solution would have been for the mother to purchase a fun gift that wouldn't insult her daughter during the baby shower, and instead giving her daughter advice and the medication recommendation after the baby shower, in private.

Why? surely its better for women to know the effects of pregnancy? At least some of the other guests there will have had or be planning to have children, you'd be surprised how many naive women there are with no idea that pregnancy/childbirth causes constipation, stress incontinence, prolapses etc, all the nasty stuff is almost like a secret that comes as a not so nice surprise when they're actually experiencing it. I for one would never have a child knowing what i know about how it affects your body not just for those 9 months but for life, it NEEDS to be more out in the open so women are aware what they will be in for.

jacobelicramer 4

Hmm, no... I'd say it's more humiliating.

Rainhawk94 27

Tho? Too lazy to add three more letters. What am I doing. I'm preaching to the deaf

@60 What, too lazy use a question mark for a question and to add a period to the end of your sentence? Hypocrite...

@ 60: I wasn't aware that you were an English teacher. Do you criticize others on their writing in person as well?

Ecudaniel 16

Repay the gift for her birthday :)

Maybe you'll need it at some point and thank him later? I agree, the gift sucks but you never know.

Parents always give what we need. Not what we want.

Actually they are great parents. Being pregnant can cause a lot of constipation due to your belly growing bigger and crushing your intestines. Plus after the baby you want those softeners!

conqueror57 11

You'll need 'em and now won't have to buy them yourself.

yes, but what if by the time she needs them, they've expired?

conqueror57 11

Medicines take years to expire. Pregnancy is 9 months.