By Anonymous - 11/11/2010 08:40 - France

Today, one of my husband's old college buddies came over for dinner. We reminisced about our college days, and he laughed as he told the story about my husband making up a friend, Marc Deveau, that he'd say he was visiting when he was cheating on his girlfriend. My husband still sees Marc Deveau. FML
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well played hubby

looks like it's time to can him...


HentaiBunny 4

Time for you to have a make believe friend too ;D

herkysfinest 0

I'll be your make believe friend!

imcutefml 0

no me.... lol hentai



that's what I was about to post! u beat me to it :/

mikomajik 0

hentai bunny? that's hott

ur a babe

McAninch35 9

Two wrongs don't make a right though ?

perdix 29

Damn! That's how you do it -- make up a real-sounding name! My wife busted me when I claimed to be with my friends, Hugh Jass and Jack Meoff. I should get my hints from the clever and worldly-wise French and not from the Simpsons.

haha ok ok that was pretty funny perdix, you fml celebrity you! lol

yummycupcakegirl 0

il est très stupide.(he is very stupid) I'm sorry but he still sees his made up freind thats kinda dumb. Sorry if I sound like a bitch:(

yummycupcakegirl 0

I noticed it was in France:)

you don't sound like a bitch :)

yummycupcakegirl 0

Thank you :)

I love your username

Just... just stop.

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thank you again @25 :)

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Thank You :)

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That was suppose to be a reply....

skyeyez9 24

Why do people bother to get married if they are compulsive cheaters?

Agreed. But why marry someone who would cheat on you? You can tell sometimes, and if this guy has cheated so often that he and old college buddies laugh about it, it should be relatively obvious.

green_eyes124 0

eh, it's not always obvious. Ever heard the phrase 'love is blind'? It really is most of the time. Can't blame the poor girl, I'm sure she didn't want to be cheated on.

lemonypower 6

old habits die hard

you really know how to pick em!

aw , sorry !

DDiamonds 0

time for a new hubby

or at the very least, a new hobby