By ANON - United States - Mission Viejo
Today, one of my ears randomly went deaf. I went to the doctor, thinking I had an ear infection or something. Turns out that your ears can go deaf entirely without reason, and I now have medication to take to see if I can get any of my hearing back in that ear. I'm only 26. FML
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  ladytigerhunts  |  20

#62, I'm totally deaf but I can still listen to music. I can't hear the lyrics but I learn the lyrics by listening to the beats. I'm a huge Swift fan, her lyrics are insane, I love Beatles, and rap has got some GOOD beats!

Maybe you should know your facts before you judge or say it as a fact. :)

  EdenZombies  |  9

For me, being deaf in my left ear, I can feel the vibrations from sounds in my left ear when I wear headphones. Many if not all deaf people can still feel vibrations on their ear drums. It's kind of like when you put your hand on a speaker and it vibrates to the bass, except it's in the ear. That's the closest I can explain it.

By  DerSuldam  |  25

Sometimes, such things are caused by anomalies in the brain, if not the organ that is affected, itself. Go to a neurologist, see if you can get a brain scan. Please.

By  Nitwit_Nitni  |  10

Not to sound heartless... but I've been deaf in one ear since I was like 3years old, and started going deaf in the other recently. It's not an FML. It's one ear. You'll be fine.