By ANON - 21/08/2015 06:22 - United States - Mission Viejo

Today, one of my ears randomly went deaf. I went to the doctor, thinking I had an ear infection or something. Turns out that your ears can go deaf entirely without reason, and I now have medication to take to see if I can get any of my hearing back in that ear. I'm only 26. FML
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Hey, there's a great Deaf community here. You're not alone, and you'll love it here. :)


Hey, there's a great Deaf community here. You're not alone, and you'll love it here. :)

Way to be like *creeper voice* "welcome to the village, you'll love it here."

right theres nothing wrong with it sign language is super easy to learn and beneficial for everyone not just deaf people! op should learn it just incase

Wtf do you mean there's nothing wrong? YOU CANT LISTEN TO MUSIC WHEN YOUR DEAF.

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I'm learning sign language right now. I wouldn't say it's easy, but I'm enjoying it. ASL grammar can be confusing.

#62, I'm totally deaf but I can still listen to music. I can't hear the lyrics but I learn the lyrics by listening to the beats. I'm a huge Swift fan, her lyrics are insane, I love Beatles, and rap has got some GOOD beats! Maybe you should know your facts before you judge or say it as a fact. :)

@62 how do you listen to beats if you're totally deaf? Not trying to be rude, just wondering.

Generally, if the bass is loud enough, you can actually feel the beats, it's likely that's what they mean.

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For me, being deaf in my left ear, I can feel the vibrations from sounds in my left ear when I wear headphones. Many if not all deaf people can still feel vibrations on their ear drums. It's kind of like when you put your hand on a speaker and it vibrates to the bass, except it's in the ear. That's the closest I can explain it.

Thanks for explaining it to others. That's what I was gonna say and I'm hard of hearing myself.

This is a great opportunity to learn sign language!

There's never "no reason" just reasons that modern medical technology can't properly diagnose. Good luck with your hearing! I hope it comes back.

I hope anybody who votes "You Deserved It" goes deaf. That sucks op, hopefully your hearing goes back, or that you adjust well.

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I know that a lot of people, like me, have their finger slip when trying to press fyl and it's presses ydi.

Sometimes, such things are caused by anomalies in the brain, if not the organ that is affected, itself. Go to a neurologist, see if you can get a brain scan. Please.

I had this. it went for 2/3 months one day it came back. I jumped a mile when it came back. hopefully yours will soon too

You must take "jump" "how high?" serious if you jumped a mile.

I think we can safely assume that they did not jump one mile.

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I had this happen a couple years ago myself, probably lasted 2 months or so.

This is nuts! I hope you regain your hearing! Hang in there!

At least you have another one! Hang in there OP!

Not to sound heartless... but I've been deaf in one ear since I was like 3years old, and started going deaf in the other recently. It's not an FML. It's one ear. You'll be fine.