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Today, one my friends died. All my crying gave me a headache, so I asked my boyfriend to bring me some aspirin. My headache didn't go away. Instead, I got diarrhea because my boyfriend gave me laxatives instead of aspirin as a "joke" to cheer me up. FML
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Dump him after hiding laxatives in his food.

dudeitsdanny 9

Next time you blow him, bite on his balls and tell him you thought it'd be fun ;) Or get him worked up to have sex, then tell him you wanna stop there because you think it'll be more fun. Or some variation of revenge. Doesn't have to be sexual, my mind's just in that place right now.


Dump him after hiding laxatives in his food.

LosAngelesSon 8

I don't think it's a "dump him" moment. Doghouse maybe, but ending the relationship no.

Ahh dumping him would make her lonely and upset. Not exactly good timing.

Well okay. Then just hide laxatives in his food; You need revenge OP.

Hide laxatives in his food before a HUGE interview or a 5+ hour trip

lol I would fight fire with fire. I'd shot him in the leg and give him viagra for the pain. *kidding*

Hayman68 4

I'd shoot him in both his knees then light him on fire while saying, "Where's my asprin? Where's my asprin? I'm getting real tired of you ducking me man," and so on.

84 love it! Then, light him on fire with a blow torch; makes perfect sense.

your boyfriend... you have a choice in the matter. I say hide laxatives in his food... 

You seriously come on FML the same day your friend died???

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I strongly disagree. the BF is a complete moron

alaaloo_fml_fml 0

He may be a moron but like I said he wasn't intentionally trying to upset OP.

I agree with 12. op's friend died, not her goldfish. cheering her up won't be effective, especially with laxatives.. wtf

alaaloo_fml_fml 0

I'm not saying I agree with what OP's boyfriend did, it was foolish. People handle situations like that differently.

"Not the best timing"? If he'd cracked a funny joke (i.e. verbally), while OP's grief was still so fresh that she wanting comforting, not cheering up, that's bad timing. This, however... Even if you don't consider the whole friend-just-died situation for a moment, but just a random person with a bad enough headache to ask for a painkiller. And instead of aspirin, their boyfriend gives them a laxative, so now they can have stomach pain and diarrhea in addition to the headache! Fun, right? No, of course not. How can you even consider that a funny-haha joke? How is it anything but a jerk-ass prank, regardless of the situation? So, combined with the fact that it wasn't a random situation, but OP was grieving over a good friend that'd just died... "not the best timing" doesn't even begin to cover it. As for the good intentions thing... if I were to break your arm, then exclaim "but I did that to cheer you up!", would you go "oh, alright then, at least your intentions were good"? Probably not, because everyone can see how incurring physical pain isn't ever going to cheer someone up. How is OP's boyfriend causing her physical pain and discomfort really that much different? OP: I'm sorry. Both for the loss of your friend and that fact that your boyfriend is a complete moron. :/

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41- That's exactly what I've been trying to get across haha. I've restated myself 3 different times and people STILL don't get it. You put it very clearly and nicely though. Well done :)

AceArctic 4

53 You have waaaaay too much time on your hands -.-

luvyah 0

53- I agree with 89, go do something useful, and stop restating the problem!

kleopath 11

3, just stop talking, your argument is moot. Greatly appreciated.

Narelon 12

53 - I can just imagine you typing that out...

I agree. And right before a job interview or something important ;)

4 I think you hurt 49s feelings there 49 stop acting like a little baby there is a time for a prank and there is a time to sit with your girl and hold her and try to make her feel better I would be pissed if my friend died and some ass hole did something that stupid to me some one would be hurting when I got done with them

dudeitsdanny 9

Next time you blow him, bite on his balls and tell him you thought it'd be fun ;) Or get him worked up to have sex, then tell him you wanna stop there because you think it'll be more fun. Or some variation of revenge. Doesn't have to be sexual, my mind's just in that place right now.

the second one could lead to domestic violence or rape. depends on how u play it all out.

yes it would. or major blue balls and a rugburn

When I get blue-balled I tend to get rapey. at least my neighbors now know to keep their pets and small children indoors at all times.

luvyah 0

96-...never mind. what I was going to say would probably be deleted, but WTF?!?!?!

effyoubitch 5

you get rapey? lmfao never heard that one

For the love of god o.o don't cute hit balls.

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Def agreed. He shouldnt be pulling little kid games right now since he knows this is when you will be needing him the most. He needs to have some compassion and grow up. Im sorry about the death of your friend OP. I know how that can be, my nephew has been gone for a yr now due to someone shooting him and killing him. Innocent person, and had a full life to live. Wrong place at the wrong time. GL OP, this will pass soon not now and im sorry

Well, something tells me your boyfriend is a dick. I don't know what though...

TXCandy 3

Totally agree with #5! lol that's a good idea...

holy crap, your man is a bona fide tard. because we all know it's nice to try and make our significant others shit profusely after already enduring tremendous amounts of physical and emotional pain... |the kid|

Yeah, and wasn't it HILARIOUS?? Haha, sure cheered ME up! AHAHAHAHA-- Agree on the bona fide 'tard.

ha! starile, i was positively bawling with laughter! :O of course, the natural thing to do here is post your ear close to the shut door while your victim is busy blasting their innermost, er, innards in or around the toilet. and wait. too bad that's not nice in real life. |the kid|

I am so sick of this word...epic...this is not epic.

i recommend you go read maddox's article on this very overused word. |the kid|

chloe2114 4

na na na nanana na na na nanana... sorry, im in a mental hospital... no kidding. :p

Aerryn 3

What a douche. Hope you're single soon.