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Today, I realized that in my relationship with my significant other, the roles are switched. We went out for a nice dinner, I paid, and when we got home he "had a headache" and asked for an aspirin so he could go to sleep. FML
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  llZombiell  |  5

Is he pmsing as well? Drop the bitch and find a man. Lol I kid. If he's always treating you to things i dont see a problem in treating him to something for once.

  NullPointer  |  20

I agree that "significant other" is weird in this context, as it is a gender-blind term, which is anti-sexist, and then the rest of the post relies on sexism to make any sense.


I don't get what the big deal is. He didn't feel well so he took some medicine and got some rest. Poor you for not being able to fuck him even when he's not up for it? Shame on him for not feeling well and indulging your wants despite his condition? I fail to see how your life is fucked, when he's the one who has to put up with an entitled asshole of a girlfriend who thinks she's the victim when he's the one hurting. Invest in a dildo, and lose the ugly attitude.


Yeah except if you have a headache, you generally don't want to be participating in rough activities that may jerk you around and have the potential to aggravate the already painful situation you're in; at least I'd opt to lie down and rest. Sex when you've got a throbbing headache doesn't seem very appealing, plus it can be a difficult task to turn someone on when they're in constant pain. It may help in theory, but when you're feeling like shit it's the last thing on your mind.

  powderbluetang  |  11

I personally do not take advantage of guys like that, that comment was for effect. But really if yu think we deserve to be treated the same way, then why should we treat you any different?

  pink_raindrops  |  26

Even if it is an excuse not to have sex, he's allowed to not want to have sex sometimes. A lot of women think that if a man doesn't want to have sex with them all the time that it has something to do with them when it really doesn't. Maybe he said he had a headache to prevent an argument about why he doesn't want sex.

  HomeAl0ne  |  20

Guys, guys, guys. You need to be much more supportive when a woman doesn't want sex because of a headache. Imagine what that pain must be like!

If my wife complains of a headache I'm very concerned and attentive. I go and get one or two Asprin straight away. Then I crush them to powder, sprinkle them on my dick and then ask her if she'd like to swallow them or would prefer them as a suppository.

Her headache usually goes away almost immediately.

  bizarre_ftw  |  21

108 - obviously you've never had a migraine so, in the politest of ways that I can muster as a person who has suffered from countless red-hot-knife-being-stabbed-into-your-brain migraines, Shut The GODAMN Fuck Up You Oblivious Shithead!!

  Starv  |  6

maybe you don't realize, but maybe the guy doesn't want to have sex, he has a headache and wants to sleep.. It is possible!
This whole thing does not have to be about sex!

  bubbywaldo  |  0

That means you've never had a bad one. which is awesome for you, but means you might want to work on your compassion. other people can experience things differently I occasionallly get migraines that are so bad I throw up. so now you know!

  flockz  |  19

or you could just use the peanut butter and man's best friend to finish the job. you know, so you don't have to waste valuable bread.

By  EnEl_Infierno  |  15

That's when you break out your secert stash of PlayGirls and enjoy yourself after he falls asleep Op, admitted ladies we all know you got your little treasure chest hidden, just for an occasion just like this. Just like most guys do. ;)