By Checkless chick - United States
Today, I decided I would try this feature on my banking app which lets me deposit checks by sending a picture of it. The instructions say to rip the check after depositing. The deposit didn't work and now I've got a ripped up paycheck. FML
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she deserved it. she stated rip up the check AFTER the deposit. i would take that as confirm the money is there and then rip. im guessing she ripped first then went to confirm. idk OP. call your job to cancel that check and have them reprint another one !! well next time you know

  VeganVampyre  |  26

He'll, even if you HAD done it before you should still wait to make sure it worked this time. Because even if it worked for you 50 times before, the one time you assume and don't wait to see would be the one time it wouldn't work.

By  noreallywhat  |  17

So the thought maybe I should wait and make sure it has gone through first, that didn't cross your mind? Just talk to your work they will replace the check. Until that happens I am sorry I hope it comes through before your bills are due.