By Anonymous - 28/07/2013 17:38 - Slovenia - Ruse

Today, on his way out of our apartment, my roommate's friend reached over and grabbed a handful of my popcorn. I was only mildly annoyed, until a little later, when I pulled out from between my teeth what could only have been a pubic hair. FML
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So, he was wanking it and then decided to shove that hand in your popcorn? Yep, time to urinate on his toothbrush... Daily.

TheDrifter 23

Free tooth floss? What a kind person.


olpally 32

Go shave his head in his sleep.

While you're at it, get his pubes too! :P

xcam1995 6

No #38, I think one pube to the mouth is enough for one day.

imtooshy 18

As I read this, I was eating peanuts and just about threw up in my own mouth. I'm so grossed out for you OP!

Baytheshark 14

Are you sure it was your mouth?

imtooshy 18

Yes, I'm totally sure!

red225 14

Guess you noticed after the popcorn seemed a little more salty

This sounds like a pretty hairy FML! Your roommate's friend definitely had you by the short and curlys! I guess he felt he needed to give you something nice in return for his grabbed handful of your corn! I'm thinking you can't be completely sure there wasn't some of his seed included in the swap for yours!

Baytheshark 14

Yes. Because pubes and flakes of seasoning are so eerily similar. Completely. Thank The Lord, someone else sees it.

I think he'd be skilled if he could grab popcorn with his dick, really fucking gross.. But that would be skilled.

soupermeal 10

Well who doesn't want extra flavor?

now you know he doesn't have a girlfriend and what he does in his spare time