By Anonymous - 21/10/2015 11:40

Today, my soon to be ex-wife told her friends that we're getting a divorce because I'm physically abusive. I guess that sounded better than the truth: that she waited 8 months into her pregnancy to tell me that the child probably isn't even mine. FML
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Yet her side is probably the one everyone will believe... Such a shame

Wizardo 33

Request a paternity test and oust her, heartless liars don't deserve any leeway.


Go figure - the cheater is trying to turn the situation around on you.

Yet her side is probably the one everyone will believe... Such a shame

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gobiteme2 34

They will believe her until the DNA test come back. OP will have science and truth on his side.

Iwannarock1 19

#28 not at all, on the contrary: u meant to say that OP is probably a great guy and that his ex needed to find fake shitty reasons to justify to her friends she's leaving him.

#88 you probably don't even know OP yourself and you're making assumptions LOL

Ignore the rumours and just tell the truth. I just hope this doesn't cause any problems for you

Wizardo 33

Request a paternity test and oust her, heartless liars don't deserve any leeway.

Yep, burn it all down. She deserves no quarter after this

Well, unfortunately, it sounds like a paternity test may or may not work in OPs favor, cause the wife just said she didn't even know who's baby she was carrying

41 they can take the baby's DNS and OPs DNS, and if they don't match, it proves she cheated on him

72 - I think 41 knew that, but the FML said she said it "probably" isn't the OPs which means there is still a small chance it is. And obviously the OP and his wife were being intimate if he didn't question the fact she was pregnant at all so there is still a chance the test will come back that the baby belongs to OP which means there is no evidence he cheated and may appear as if he came up with the story only to make it seem like the wife was lying about the abuse (even though she was).

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yeh i dont think anyone in the real word would sign thier name...

Yes, because that will make people believe OP...

Talis99 26

#5, mature adults don't do stupid shit like that.

Does it matter? They are her friends, not yours and you are soon to be out of a bad relationship.

Let's do some math. Say the soon-to-be-ex told 3 of her friends that OP is abusive. They tell 3 of their friends, and they then 3 of theirs, and so on and so forth. It wouldn't take very long for a lot of people think this. That's why it matters.

Wow that's evil I'm sorry brother you'll get that girl one day you deserve it.

Sounds pretty irresponsible for a soon-to-be-mother. Good luck to you and the future child to deal with it.

Really trying to see any sort of silver lining or humorous aspect, but damn, this just sucks. Hopefully, if her friends do believe her and are inclined towards violence, they won't try to harm you.

Make sure you bring that up in divorce court. That way she won't try to get alimony and child support from you!

Listen to this information OP. Have a friend whose ex-wife cheated on him multiple times with multiple men during their marriage. He's sure the two kids aren't his but still cares for them like their his own. Make sure the bitch doesn't try to stick you with alimony and child support if the child isn't yours. I know that's a shit thing to say but if she's acting like a bitch, catch her at her game and make it know she's the asshole.

mimirawr14 17

The father has to be preset for him to be put on the birth certificate well at least he does in my state don't know if it's the same everywhere else.