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  Tthug  |  34

Weights are located in the gym.

But no. They both weigh the same. (You know the "which ways more, a pound of feathers or a pound of lead?"). Muscle is more dense is what you're trying to say.

  DanielG2115  |  2

No, #22 is saying that if you have an amount of fat and the corresponding amount of muscle and way them, the muscle would weigh more, you're comparing in completely different ways although you are also correct.


It also doesn't really say much about OP or the sister. If you eat well, you actually don't gain that much weight during a pregnancy. Just a couple pounds. Most of it is water and drains out of you quickly.

  kaablam  |  17

When my sister was pregnant with her kid, she(who is on the large side) actually lost weight over the pregnancy. I think Op needs to stop comparing herself to pregnant women ;)

  danilynn6308  |  14

Its about fat-body weight ratio.
Even if a person weighs (for example: a 20 yr old female) 100 pounds but doesn't work out or eat right, she is worse off then the 135 pound girl that eats good and has good exercising daily.

By  Ltsdragons  |  19

You can change. It may not be easy, but you can eventually change! You can weigh less by diet and exercise I know it really isn't fun but in the end you'll be glad you did it. Congrats to you sister though :)

By  devildog562  |  33

Even if she is 5 months pregnant , it doesn't mean she is going to blow up and gain a ton of weight. If you feel uncomfortable, maybe make some changes. Do what makes you happy and healthy op.

By  mister_icicle  |  17

Immediately cut all carbs - pasta, bread, sugar, grains. Don't eat potatoes, don't consume alcohol. Fats and oils are ok, even butter and bacon. If you can do that for a week or two, you'll see some welcome and inspiring results.

  eleven22  |  11

Completely eliminating carbs from your diet is not immediately going to make you lose weight. Carbs are actually very helpful in providing quick energy to the body, and pre-workout snacks often consist of some form of carbohydrates

  mister_icicle  |  17

I lost 20 lbs over 2 months after giving my system a reset like that. I'm not saying give it up forever! You won't process fats for energy as efficiently if your diet is carb-heavy, so they get stored instead of burned. And yes I definitely eat fruits.

  ninety  |  25

Low carb is actually a very effective method of dieting when done correctly and paired with exercise. If you actually do the research, yes, you're limited to what you can eat when starting out, but eventually a lot of the legitimately healthy foods are added back in smaller amounts. I don't do it anymore as I had to drop it when I joined the military and went to basic a few years back, but I went from 150 down to 110 over the time that I did do it.