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Today, I was at a football game with my boyfriend. I said my hands were getting cold, hoping he'd hold them. He replied, "Uh, they make pockets for a reason..." and physically showed me how to put my hands in my pockets. FML
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Honestly, that's probably what I'd say too. I'm very sarcastic though...


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Thats exactly why OP wanted her boyfriend to hold her hands

#13 what #1 was trying to say is that what the boyfriend did is mean, not nice, not what a boyfriend would do (etc...)

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why couldn't she just hold his hand, instead of fishing for him to do something cute. guys get "hold my hand" not whining about being cold...

Finally someone who gets that we are not mind readers!

Um I don't know about you but when a girl says I'm cold I know what you do is hold her

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Men are not mind readers. If you want your hands held, just say "my hands are cold, warm them up for me?" and grab his hand. Done.

Maybe OP's boyfriend was trying to be helpful, and as one wise man said: "Give a man a fish and he will be fed for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will be fed for a lifetime." Either that or he's a total idiot who can't take a hint.

Honestly, that's probably what I'd say too. I'm very sarcastic though...

he shouldnt have thought you were dumb enough to not know how pockets work, but you also could have said "hey babe hold my hands? they're cold" guys arent mind-readers

I agree. People (not just women) should just be open and honest about what they want. It makes a lot more sense than trying to get someone to pay attention to you based on a dumb mind game or being vague.

I understand that he could've misunderstood you. But the way he replied was really cold (hehe).

OP sometimes boys can't connect the dots that easily, I can speak from experience

Not entirely sure why you're getting down voted. As a male, I can say with confidence that I'm dense as **** and might not have figured out her meaning.

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Or sometimes people should just ask for what they want instead of trying to make inferences for others to figure out.

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Some dudes don't like getting interrupted during football games I guess.

Pockets keep your hands warmer anyways.