By stanky - 19/06/2015 14:47 - United States - Columbus

Today, I was about to leave for my honeymoon with my new husband, when he saw my deodorant in my bag. He picked it up and asked what it was. When I said it was deodorant, he gave me a confused look and said "girls don't wear deodorant". He actually believed that. FML
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How did he not notice all of the women's deodorant right next to the men's deodorant in the store?

Well, it's true. We don't sweat, burp, or fart.


Well, it's true. We don't sweat, burp, or fart.

Girls also dont poop or vomit. They puke and shit.

Apparently you do lift though!

Or have anything named clit or orgasm it's all a myth.

Gawd sometimes yes. Today I definitely felt the vomit part.

No, you felt the puke part

This reminds me of that South Park episode where they find the clitoris

haha #1 your pic goes along with this fml pretty good

How did he not notice all of the women's deodorant right next to the men's deodorant in the store?

Maybe he thought it was for guys that want to smell pretty?

how about the commercial... didn't he notice them

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cuz his mommy bought his deodorant until the day he got married

I'm pretty sure they don't usually put the mens and womens deodorant next to each other in the store. Deodorant that is marketed towards women is generally more expensive (with no difference in quality or ingredients- except different smells) and they don't want women to notice and buy the mens deodorant instead for fear of losing their profit.

#57 - Men's and women's deodorant are almost always beside each other, because it falls under the same section and makes sense to be together. Do you really think stores separate out an aisle for each gender's deodorant because women are sheep that get lured into purchasing men's deodorant so long as it's in plain sight? And that stores "lose" money on men's deodorant sales? You sound as ignorant as OP's husband.

Of course girls don't wear deodorant. They mash flowers and shove the resulting goo under their armpits.

Well, we obviously never sweat! Was this guy only raised with brothers?

I wonder if he knows are farts are flower scented too...

Yeah I realized that after the time ran out -_-

No big deal it happens :)

I would love to know his reaction the first time he finds you taking a poo.

Haha you're funny! That'll never happen, girls don't poo!

We do, but it's rainbow coloured and glittery and smells of roses.

…If only, that'd be awesome!

Give this guy a reward

For what? Being an ignorant dumbass?

We hereby nominate the "Clueless" reward to OP's husband!

#23 Why insult someone for not knowing a fact?

leogachi 15

Because it's such an obvious fact. If it were something like how many Jupiters can fit inside the sun we could understand. This, however, is just sad.

Take a joke bitch...

You should stop wearing it and see what he thinks then!

He sounds awesome

seems like he saw you as the perfect woman