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wht does screaming have to do with being at a party? do people just scream out at random?


agreed lmfao  ydi for being weird lmfao

yeah I doubt they even cared.. That was a pretty stupid thing to do...

YDI for being selfish & not inviting anyone else over!

ydi for wanting to have a party. just get high by urself and then go fuck ur girlfriend it's basically the same experience but without all ur shit being broken and a hangover

forever alone...

You're so vain, you probably think this comment is about you.

Mike Posner song reference?

Mike Posner song reference? Wow... just... no. I was going to go off on a tangent about 12 year olds but according to your profile you're 23. You have no excuse. FOR SHAME!!!

please explain what was so wrong with my comment

haha mike posner..... good one. Carly Simon ftw

well I'm sorry I guess? He just has a song that contains a similar line.

it's ok it's not your fault, it's society's fault.

It's actually more or less the same line, but I was quoting Carly Simon's 'You're So Vain' from 1972.

you think youre cooler than me

Nice life...

wht does screaming have to do with being at a party? do people just scream out at random?

It all depends on what you're on man.

Think about it, maz. Just sit back and think a looonng little think...

why can't they just whisper

57- Exactly, then everybody could be stoned in peace.

All the best parties are full of screamers

YDI YDI; You deserve it you dumb idiot.

6- You're so right, you stupid, stupid face.

wow..ydi for being so pathetic..maybe if you spent more time trying to get friends than pretending to have friends, then you'd actually have some.

haha i love ur profile pic

Agreed. Maybe you should spend less time pretending to have friends, and go out and actually make some.

You're that desperate? That's just sad

I was going to ask if you screamed that loud during sex too, but with the above-stated desperate antics, I hardly doubt if those bushes down there aren't still filled with squirrels... Smh! YDI!

Wow, exactly none of that made sense. You're the worst person there is, except for OP.

He should get an eviction notice!!

Wow I hope you're blow up doll wasn't traumatized

beryd likes it up the butt

lmao right! poor doll!