By no spare - 19/12/2016 19:22 - United States - Marquette

Today, I woke up to find out that the two front tires on our van were flat. Now we won't have a vehicle all week since the tire shop is booked solid. We just went through this with the rear tires two weeks ago. FML
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thunderniron 22

I've never heard of every tire shop being booked up two weeks out.

Don't you usually replace all four tires at once?


Is it out of air? Or someone did it on purpose? Either FYL and sorry that this happened on Christmas.

This was actually published on December 19th, so a loved one has had plenty of time to buy new tires, attempt to wrap them, fail, and roll them inconspicuously under the Christmas tree.

Cut out the bottom of the van and channel your inner Flintstone. Simple.

Sounds like a bad situation to be in, but do you think you could find somebody else to fix your tires?

Don't you usually replace all four tires at once?

one thing that all people should learn how to do is change tires on a car. My advice is to get a friend to give you a ride to the nearest car parts store, buy identical front tires, a jack if you need one, and watch a step by step video on how to replace tires.

That's nice, but not everyone physically CAN or SHOULD change tires. Example being me, in that I have a disorder that makes my shoulders dislocate and makes my joints very prone to damage- trying to change tires would probably irrevocably **** up my shoulders. Pregnant women shouldn't either- the strain can induce early labor, even miscarriage. Learning from a video can just as easily lead to stripped bolts or the car crashing down mid change. Also, while "everyone should learn" is nice in theory, it's not as easy in practice, especially going off the fact a video isn't the best instructor, especially for a first time changing one.

If it's just a nail can't you get a patching kit

If they are changing tires they should be checking the life of the other two. It's potentially more money for them and a lot easier on you if they suggest replacing all 4 tires

TabooSushi 24

This is why, when we had to replace our rear tires, we just went ahead and replaced the front ones anyway. The tires were brand new when we bought the car, it had been a while and a lot of driving since then, so we figured they were about due. Probably just a general good rule of thumb when replacing tires, barring replacements made because you ran over something and it popped.

is there only one tire shop in michigan? you can find one on every other corner in south florida. take your two flats off the car, call an uber, go to a different tire shop, have them replace tire, call another uber and install tires. then go back to tire shop in your van to tighten the bolts with the machine.

theblondeone 16

No, but you have to think about how busy the tire shops are up here due to the cold when winter comes around. The cold causes aluminum rims to leak, so the shops get slammed as soon as it gets cold. I had a bad leak last week and did an walk-in appointment and it took them 6 hours just to get to my car, as opposed to usually about half an hour.

Go to the auto wreckers, ask for decent tyres and rims to fit your car. I paid $40ea (Australia) and it got me by for another 6 months before buying new tyres ($120ea). That way you only need a jack and wheel brace