By tothebaneofkings - United States
Today, my great-grandmother uttered the phrase, "Just because I'm gray up here, doesn't mean I'm gray down there!" FML
tothebaneofkings tells us more :
Ha, this got posted really fast. I am the OP. This actually had happened a while ago. To answer some questions, my great grandma had been drinking and had been talking about how her two daughters only want money from her. And that when she died, "I'll leave one dollar in the bank and let them fight over it!" An evil cackle included. I can only guess that this brought around her age into her mind, since she's in her late 80's and probably only has 15 years left with luck, because the fml was the next words out of her mouth. Maybe to comfort herself, I honestly don't know. But it was followed by her looking at my female cousin and saying, "I can teach you how to get into the V formation." Needless to say, we were both horrified to the point of irrational laughter.
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  SmittyJA24  |  26

Speaking as a person well over 50, gray "up here" usually means there is gray all over. Yes, kids: all the body hair will go gray eventually.
And, FWIW, "the carpet" is usually a bit darker than "the drapes", even in blondes.


@55 I'm in my late 40s and have been going bald since Bush 41 was in office. I only wish that the hair fell out *below* the neck, too. I hate being a damn Wookiee, especially since the fashion for men now is to be completely hairless below the ears.