By skyinthesky - 11/02/2017 07:00 - United States - Pasadena

Today, I bought a desk for my new apartment. After ignoring the warnings on the box saying it should not be carried alone, I made it all the way to my apartment with the desk. I walked in the door and dropped it on my foot. FML
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100% your fault. That's just self pride or extreme ignorance idk which

JuliaaNoelle 26

Gee, I wonder if there was some way you could have prevented that issue. Maybe next time, don't ignore the warning labels. They put those there for a reason.

who knew warning labels were actually there for a reason? what a surprise!

Why didn't you just put it down on the floor or something. I guess even if they wrote, "After moving this big heavy thing to your home don't just let go of it!" You probably would have ignored that too.

Been there done that and broke my foot in the process. Hope your foot is ok.

skyinthesky 1

Hey guys! This was my post but I had forgotten to log in. I would've gotten help but my roommate was at her boyfriends house (where she always is) and my parents live over an hour away. I actually had a cart that I used to get the desk into my apartment and it was once that I got it out of the cart that I dropped it on my foot

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we should just remove all warnings for a week and watch all the idiots die...