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Today, my dad took my phone away. This would be fine if I was 14. I'm 22 and pay for all of my own bills. FML
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Then why are you allowing your dad to do this?

My mom tried to pull that one on me, so I left.


Then why are you allowing your dad to do this?

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**** didn't look at the gender, nvm. I'm giving myself a thumbs down.

22 and still on this website... That's sad!

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If you're already paying all your bills nights as well start living on your own.

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I don't care if shes a girl! Man up woman!

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28 technically the minimum age is 17 so that immature people like you wouldn't be on this site.

Agree! 22 and not standing up for yourself is just pitiful. And sorry foodlord. I guess you were expecting fml's like "Today, the girl I had a crush on says she doesn't like guys whose voice hasn't cracked yet. FML"

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you live in his house? if you do you have to follow his rules. if you don't like it then you could move out. if you live in your own place then that's different.

21- how do you see a gender or anything on an iPod ? ????

93 it is the pink upside down arrow. Right next to the FML

My mom tried to pull that one on me, so I left.

Apparently not otherwise you'd be living in your own house

My thoughts exactly. When you're finally on your own, you can call boys at all hours of the night.

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Who says she isn't? Her dad could just be a different degree of psycho

Op did say she pays for all her own bills that could mean just the phone bill our house payments and so on. This is one of those fmls that need more information.

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Take his phone and hide it in your cleavage. He'll never be able to get it back.

Unless her family is into that sorta thing, as nasty as that is.

I hope you cleared out your photo album before he took it!

If your already paying for yourself, why not move out?

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I agree. What kind of lame ass lives with their parents at 22?

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So get it back? You're a legal adult, and since the phone is your property, any attempt by him to take it away is theft.

Right, then have your parents kick you out and find out what it really means to "pay your own bills"......paying for your personal luxuries while they pay for your basics doesn't mean you can do whatever you want. If you want that, move out.