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Today, I found a notebook my 12-year-old sister had been doodling in. Turns out the "doodles" were poems full of obscenities and descriptions of how she wanted to hurt herself. When I showed it to my mom, she accused me of writing the notebook myself to frame my sister. FML
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catanita 18

Your mom is out of this world. This is not a thing to make jokes about.

I hope you didn't let the subject end there, OP, and got your sis the help she needs!


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theHIGHroad2 5

Maybe... Just maybe OP has a Record of being a Douchebag && and do some bad sh* t then make her sister look guilty. Either way I think Op's sister needs an Intervention ASAP.

DKParth13 5

Orrrrrr maybe he is trying to help his sister out before she does those things!

Too many people are in a dark place, opportunities arise to lift them from the abyss, dumb people push them back in.

agonydrum 7

Everybody gets sad, op should learn how to mind his own business and not touch things that don't belong to him

21 - There is a difference between feeling "sad" and suicide ideation. Intervention is a necessity here. Yes, most people don't go through with suicide, but you need to do everything in your power to prevent it. Prevention is key. It's like insurance: you don't need it until you NEED it.

Addendum: I know the FML doesn't say anything about suicide, but in my experience, what people with depression are willing to admit (even if just to themselves) is usually only the very tip of the iceberg. This isn't something to play around with. OP did the right thing, but now needs to go further.

26- I know the feeling there. It's a gradual process too. Left alone, it spirals down to suicide since a person doesn't feel worth it. Many stay silent, especially around pre-teen since it's the "rebellious" phase. They want to handle it on their own or again, just don't want to talk about it. To OP: I hope you went to someone else with that journal. It doesn't seem like your mother cares at this point. You sound like a good sibling, and F your sister's life if there's something that makes her feel that way constantly.

crazytwinsmom 25

We know of a teen who attempted suicide twice and she is suffering way more now than before. OP's sister needs serious help and the mom too!

yo screw the mother. if the sister is thinking about hurting herself then all the common courtesies of minding your own business go out the window. find her help ASAP.

#17, I'm not so sure. Notebooks/diaries are like the internet, where the line between reality and fantasy is blurred. Just because she writes it doesn't mean she actually wants to do it. If you don't plan for your thoughts to have an audience, you might write about anything, seriously or not... That said, this FML didn't really sound like an invasion of privacy to me. It seems that OP just came across the notebook, and once you have that information, it's not really private anymore.

I gotta say, OP took a shitty approach to the situation by outing his sister. She needs someone to talk to, not to be humiliated and exposed to the family. That will only bring about more problems.

zombiesdkdjdjf 1

So she deserves being accused of framing her sister for trying to help her???

#81 - It's *You're, as in "you are". :)

DKParth13 5

#75 um wtf are you talking about invasion of privacy its the matter if whether she was serious or not and just to be on the safe side he wanted to make sure his sister doesn't do anything stupid... Common sense bro

I'm pretty sure OP would rather have a sister who hates her for a while than have a dead sister.

catanita 18

Your mom is out of this world. This is not a thing to make jokes about.

Ill try anyway. Op's mom should CUT her a break. Yeah that's all I've got.

20-I know this is a funny site, but some things aren't meant to be joked about.

Inheritance 10

My thought is why he can't just prove that it's not his handwriting..

2, the mom is in denial. I really hope the kid doesn't hurt herself. 20, this isn't a laughing matter, just as the posts about cancer aren't either.

Krajjan 9

I've been through a lot of bad times, myself. Dark humor helps a lot when you've got nothing else. Seriously though, help is required when people stop joking. The suicide rate in the Army got so high that prevention classes became mandatory. Writing that stuff without any intention of showing it to anyone is like step 6 in the 'Bad Shit's Going Down' checklist. Show it to her school counselor.

#65, Good catch on how serious writing this is. OP did the right thing in taking it to her mother; too bad mom's in denial. Agree with OP taking the notebook to the school counselor. In the meantime, OP can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (Google it for the 800 number). They can help OP deal with both her sister and mother.

Like the posts above have said she is in denial. I've lost a few close people in my life to suicide and it is a very serious matter I would speak to the counselor at the school and even speak to the principle to try organize a meeting for your parents to alert them to the serious nature of what is happening, suicide does not have a age, gender, religion or origin of decent attached to it anyone can do it and it needs to be dealt with very quickly. I hope everything works out well for you.

I hope you didn't let the subject end there, OP, and got your sis the help she needs!

And if her sister commits suicide will her mom think her sister killed her? I agree. She needs some help.

iamzikang 17

Time will show the truth, meanwhile hang in there OP and try to be more attentive towards your sis's actions.

saIty 17

So your mom thinks you write your i's with hearts? Interesting.

I think he may have just been implying that the mother should have been able to tell a difference between their handwritings?

His location is UrMomSaidI'mBigEnough. I doubt anyone's dais that though to him.

Most parents would rather blame someone else entirely than admit they have a child living with depression. That may explain why she would rather accuse the older sibling instead of actually dealing with the problem.

I think the best way to resolve this would be to show your mum your handwriting and let her decide who wrote it.

I think her mums far to thick to work that one out, the best thing you can do OP is talk to your sister and try to get her to open up to you

It's ironic how the elder siblings are always the one to be blamed...

No, it is sad that the older kids aren't taken more seriously.

BlackBlazeCobra 16

You really should talk to your sister about it, and try to convince her to tell your mother herself. Make sure she knows you're wanting to help.

thebiglloydtree 12

I really hope you can make her (well, both of them) see sense, OP best of luck to you