By anotherhuman - 30/11/2014 05:48 - United States - Tampa

Today, my little sister asked if she could play on my laptop, but I said no because I was writing an essay for school. She then bit herself hard and showed the mark to our parents, saying I did it. As they bitched me out, my sister got on my laptop and deleted my half-finished essay. FML
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anotherhuman tells us more.

It's okay you guys, I got it all sorted out not too long after I submitted this FML. My little sister got in trouble and I received more time on my essay which I passed so everything turned out great on this one. ^__^

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I would have killed her...

JMichael 25



haliacc 17

Hopefully karma will eventually find her!

AnOriginalName 19

Hi sorry, I'm AnOriginalName.

It hurts just reading this.

Sorry for replying to the first comment, but maybe check the trash bin on your laptop. maybe she just put it in the trash bin and never fully deleted it.

incoherentrmblr 21

If she fully/permanently deleted it, she is a cunt...

then000bster 16

Sorry... but, why not bring the point that her bite mark would be a different size?

I would have killed her...

Same. Ur sisters a bitch

Agreed. I would've freaked out so much my parents would've known that my sister was lying. I feel like if the parents heard Op's version of the story it would've been hard not to believe her. The sister wanted the computer and lied to get it, Op got no reward here and wouldn't have needed to bite her only to tell her no. Plus even if op did bite her sister, her sister should still be punished for deleting op's work. I would've flipped!

Destroy every single toy she owns.

Set her on fire.

hydrochloric acid, a barrel in the dessert

yzzami 17

Or plant things in her room, assuming your parents go in there for laundry and such

I want to but it settled itself out.

JMichael 25


*squints eyes* "Megan......." that girl was the most evil child ever.

I miss that show :/

looks like Josh here needs Drake to help him out with Megan ;)

"Megan!!" "Megan!!" "Megan!!" "Megan!!" "Megan!!" "Megan!!"

The teeth marks should clearly be much smaller than what yours would be

Yeah this is easy to prove, just bite your own arm and have your parents compare teeth marks.

It doesn't necessarily have to be MUCH smaller, OP and her sister could be about the same size even if they're a few years apart.

Ive seemed to notice they dont care much/dont notice it.

even so, 43, there would more than likely be noticeable differences in the marks. even siblings don't have identical teeth.

This is not Law & Order. If you think your parents will believe that over the words of your little sister, you are mistaken.

You were atleast not finished with the essay, that would have been really shitty!

NotGabe 28

I think you're missing the point.

You don't know how long that essay has to be. She could be in college and may be writing a ten page paper along with having homework from other classes. Plus, that's not the point. Her sister is Satan! Doing what she did was manipulative and extremely evil. Also, the parents are being assholes. They didn't compare the sizes of teeth marks to see if that's what really happened. They also stopped OP from doing her important work just for the devil child to mess with her laptop.

Not only what 67 said, but even if Op did bite the sister, the sister should still be punished for deleting Op's work. I mean wrong is wrong and if he parents are going to punish one child for doing something wrong they better punish the other one equally for doing something wrong as well!

Op could really bite the sister now. Make sure it bleeds...ALOT.

How much younger is she? It sounds like a very childish thing to do, so shouldn't the teeth marks be small enough to tell it wasn't you?

Plot twist; the younger sister is 40!

The only you deserved its on this one would Be people accidentally hitting it

Save it, lock computer. Take necessary steps to protect it.

Ctrl + z ctrl + z. Like your life depends on it

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Continually saving my papers/projects (in an almost paranoid fashion) really has saved my ass multiple times. Save, save, save! OP, this sounds like something my sister would've done when she was younger :( I hope you get your work back!

Woah, calm down there, Satan.

Take whatever toy she loves the most. Then when she asks for it, look her dead in the eyes and say "karma's a bitch".

skittyskatbrat 19

Nope. "I think it's with the essay I was writing."