By davy0540 - United States
Today, my wife and I drove two hours from our rural town to buy a new sofa. When we got home, it took us an hour to figure out there was no way to fit it through our door. We made the two hour drive back to return it, only to find the store was closed. FML
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  xx000o  |  27

Living in a rural town creates its own unique thought process that doesn't take into consideration little things that most people would see as obvious.

By  Mr_Duckingbergh  |  13

You didn't take ANY measurements of door dimensions to make sure this wouldn't happen? Plus you didn't check the hours when you were at the store? Maybe it's just me but those are two things I would always do.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

I unfortunately have to admit that I would've taken measurements for the room and where I wanted the new couch to go, but I probably would've completely forgotten about the door measurements. Plus, most doors are a standard size so you'd think the majority of couches would either be able to fit through it or come apart to go through, and then be put back together. However I definitely would've checked store hours before driving 2 hours back, especially if it was near the end of the day. What a waste of a day, sorry Op.

By  WCARlover  |  34

There is so much ydi with this. You should've taken measurements and you should've checked the store hours...
Edit: so didn't realize #10 said the same exact thing as me..glad I wasn't the only one thinking this