By kasai_x0x - 19/6/2010 16:27 - Canada
Today, I found out what cat food tastes like mixed with mayo, hot sauce, and between two perfectly toasted pieces of rye bread. My cat found out what tuna tastes like instead of her normal food. FML
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  samanthadude  |  0

My mom once fed my dad cat food because he was being greedy. She put lettuce, tomato, mayo . . it looked really appetizing, he ate it all and thought it was delicious until he looked in the garbage and found the empty cat food cans. :]

  TokioxxHotel  |  0

51- if you look at her, she's really shiny. and that makes me think she's sticky. and smelly. like urine.

54- I said not trying to be mean. I was just stating about ke$ha, not you.

  TokioxxHotel  |  0

60- okay. :) I don't like being mean to people who aren't mean to me first Dx Thats why I wanted to clear that up. :)

68- eh, idk. her hair is kinda gross too. she just gives off the same vibe Lindsey Lohan does.