By kasai_x0x - 19/06/2010 16:27 - Canada

Today, I found out what cat food tastes like mixed with mayo, hot sauce, and between two perfectly toasted pieces of rye bread. My cat found out what tuna tastes like instead of her normal food. FML
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cutie718 0

how te hell did you manage to do that?!?! I have a cat and he eats canned food but it looks NoTHING like Tunafish!

Kiill3rQu33n16 0

ydi for wanting to eat a tuna sandwich with hot sauce. :P


so... what did it taste like? any good?

stickypoopy 0

in soviet Russia tuna tastes you!

Roflmaaark 0


WingsFan80 4

um soviet Russia jokes are old

samanthadude 0

Aha! My mom once fed my dad cat food because he was being greedy. She put lettuce, tomato, mayo . . it looked really appetizing, he ate it all and thought it was delicious until he looked in the garbage and found the empty cat food cans. :]

I think OP is a gigantic idiot, to be perfectly honest. :D

ohamsie 0

prepare for a picky cat sir

every fml I read stickypoopy has some lame ass soviet Russia joke. anyway back to op, I'd say fyl haha

stickypoopy 0

15, ur old

ah I've always wondered what canned cat food taste like...

Catfood smells nasty. :(

oh shit a Manitoban

rawrimadinosour 0


nastenka_fml 0

Would you like your country to be laughed at, fucking bastard?

hahaha tuna is crack for kitties. FYL, even though cat food does taste almost like tuna

enternamehere77 3

it's te old cat gets tuna while owner gets cat food gag! (garfield for those who don't know)

76 are you a tranny

32 are you a tranny

104- are you slightly stupid? yes. I'm a chick. I dress like a chick. i was born a chick.

stewpididiot 11

Methinks OP be smokin the Good Shit !!!

Matty1188 6

So you have tasted it as well?

Tokio is hot!!

ydi for trying to feed that to your cat

jakeidk 0

ydi for cooking for your cat. freak

sactownsfinest 0

lmoa!!!!! that's some funny shyt

LeoFML 1

Just like your vagina!

Melaniee_fml 0

back story?

I'm gonna try that!!!... save the cat food.

jokerman7734 0

ur hot. nd dats funny lol

How did (s)he deserve this? Odds are they're a teenager and a parent made it for them. if they did it themselves, though, then I would agree they deserved it

jes23 0


Raleigh_bruh 7

Indeed, you are :] Congrats.

WingsFan80 4

it's a Raleigh appearance lol

that was to 15

stickypoopy 0

Alex why is kesha ur photo? she sucks

I like her music just not her ok

30, I was just thinking that

not trying to be mean, but ke$ha looks like she'd smell like pee. and be sticky. js.

stickypoopy 0

I agree Tokio

pingpongpickle 8

48 that made no sense

k seriosly if you don't like her I couldn't care less. it's my pic not urss

51- if you look at her, she's really shiny. and that makes me think she's sticky. and smelly. like urine. 54- I said not trying to be mean. I was just stating about ke$ha, not you.

tokio I know u were I'm just talkin about the other ppl

stickypoopy 0

she thinks she's cool and she's not.

tsc32 2

ke$ha's a whore!!!.....jk haha..

pingpongpickle 8

maybe she lotions? ahaha

stickypoopy 0


60- okay. :) I don't like being mean to people who aren't mean to me first Dx Thats why I wanted to clear that up. :) 68- eh, idk. her hair is kinda gross too. she just gives off the same vibe Lindsey Lohan does.

btw I like ur makeup tokio:)

I like Ke$ha, I like Fml's Tokio. Ohhh the dilemma! ps, welcome back Tokio

81- thank you! :D 88- lolol thanks.

I coulda sworn alex's pic was lady gaga, not ke$ha..

No, lady gaga looks a lot more f'ed up. If Kesha would smell like piss, Lady Gaga probably has been drinking it.

holy shit. if u don't like them that's ur prefrence ok? I can have them as my pic

95- I'm sorry. that's funny. you're hot by the way. ;D

it was lady gaga from poker face, at least before she changed it

linhdaninja 0

57, you should be able to put a celeb pic if u like home girl lol people are such turds on here! ;D and Kesha is cool I like her music

58 urine is not sticky idiot

That's creepy how you know her profile pics in order

kk2krazee 0

Are you hungry?

mmm ,mmm good. nothing like ugly canned food in the morning

HAHHAHA forget your glassess? (;

cutie718 0

how te hell did you manage to do that?!?! I have a cat and he eats canned food but it looks NoTHING like Tunafish!

raliegh is hot juss saayinggg[:

Raleigh_bruh 7

Lol, thanks Lexa? I think that's you, haha :P If it isn't I'm sorry, you look a lot like her :o

oh..uh..again..lexa? idk who lexa is, so sorrry

Raleigh_bruh 7

Sorry haha, I said the same thing on the other FML :P Thank you for your compliment though (:

pingpongpickle 8

why did you take her pic

pingpongpickle 8

stalker much

LexaDear 0

shfnsjdnej. BITCH -.-

Higher quality, higher contrast, rotated 90 degrees anticlockwise? It's the real Lexa! Shame I don't know you :P

Rawwrness 3

it's ok. now ur coat is shiny!! :D haha I love George Lopez

haha:P this fml is a faill

tsc32 2

#9 you're cute

Rawwrness 3

haha thx. I do try my best 

Rawwrness 3

13!!! u changed ur pic from Ke$ha to that!!!???

Now THAT'S messed up.

Well, too much tuna gives you mercury poisoning, right? So, you'll be better off in the long run. :)