By randomjulz - 16/06/2011 03:53 - United States

Today, my husband asked me to come see his turd. After I said no, he said, "What kind of wife are you?" FML
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come see this hairy what kind of husband are you?

maybe he was hiding your gift in there. so inconsiderate of you.


come see this hairy what kind of husband are you?

Are vaginas chocolate? I like chocolate.

zuzupetalsYO 11

a sane one

you probably dont even suck dick and this was the last straw.

Did you seriously just compare the female genitalia to a turd? I imagine that's not doing great things for your sex life.

shankalten 0

He is comparing two things that are gross and in no way is he saying that they are the same.

I'd have thought implying both were similarly gross would be both offensive to women and immature enough to comment on, but whatevs...

I mean, "gross"? What are you people, 12?


fthislyfe 22

im wondering what was so interesting about his turd that he wanted u to see...

Hahahahaha. That is sick, but honestly that should not be offensive towards women... If someone thinks that their reproductive system is rather "gross" then they shouldn't get offended. Sorry if I spelled anything wrong. English is my second language.

Lol at people that don't think the female genitalia is gross.

69, if you're going to call someone immature, don't say "whatevs" after it. It kills any point you had made.

NavyAvi 0

you compare similar things, not different things. big turds are glorious for men, are hairy vaginas glorious for women?

Hairy vaginas are sexy if the woman they come with is sexy. Would you throw Jessica Biel out of bed because she had a hairy snatch? Didnt think so. I'd floss my teeth with that! You guys are either 12yo or gay.

abstar89 0


to make up for it, why don't you make him a sandwich?

not gay...but definitely not straight

dudeitsdanny 9

I don't find women's genitalia gross. Then again, I'm a straight guy and always safely avoided the birthing movie in sex-ed. And hairy vaginas: I've always somehow avoided those, too.

Well.. Did you answer his question? But in all seriousness, that's pretty damn gross of him to say that.

im not sure if you know this but theres a great book called everyone poops! itll teach you all you need to know

sxe_beast 11

Just because everyone poops doesn't make it any less gross.

enonymous 8

HEY we would look at your shit if you asked us too! and in most cases you have... dragging us to go see the notebook and watching dancing with the stars...

hey I wanted to go see those movies. not all guys are that way. I love chick flicks. and no I'm not gay. I'm married.

A7X_LoVeee 10

Sure everyone poops but who the hell wants to look at someone else's shit?

sxe_beast 11

124- You win. I used the same word in another FML, but I do not think anyone knows what a blumpkin/lumpkin is. =s

omg ur hot livia

Fuzzy Lumpkins? (:

SexKitten18 0

ha blumpkins! :)))))

bfflrhea 0

37.. omgg!! i used to read that:D haha..

3-in all honesty,u look like selena gomez lol

NBTX830_94 0

Hey you look gud(;

NBTX830_94 0

Hey, you look gud(; we shud get to knw each other

your name matches mine...

susie_spiff 0

a wife that cares!

Agiggleaday 0

It was a joke OP, lighten up.

I want to know why there are so many YDIs for this.

because it's just shit, she deserved it for being too much of a priss.

Shitty husband you have.

SirEBC 7

Ha, ha, ha, fucking ha. Please die.

^ Congratulation ^ You have earned a laugh from me an my respect.

dudeitsdanny 9

He took a page out of Peter Griffin's book.. And made it works. Compromise: Learn to love his farts. Or ask him to change your tampon.. Maybe he'll get the hint. Technically, shit is grosser than that: Lady eggs and blood. I made myself sick.. But fight fire with fire.

sillyjb 9

Eew the mental image just sicked me out.

your picture horrifies me

muffinkitty 15

gosh. sickening mental image. o.o

noto_fml 0

This amount of gross imagery just isn't ordinary bruh. Never again.

You don't see the similarities? Feces is gross, menstration is gross. I think I like 6's idea.

It's not THAT disgusting. Plus, OP could just shave her husband's back. Shave a man's back and he'll purr like a walrus.

what a shitty situation...hahahahha

:) thats right

XXizzlerXX 0

all I can say is THAT'S SICK!

maybe he was hiding your gift in there. so inconsiderate of you.

"I'm looking right at it."

WTF is wrong with you? Think before you spew shit from your mouth on FML.