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Today, I went on a blind date for coffee. He was smart, good looking, and friendly. While we were talking about our respective families it became abundantly clear that I have heard these stories before. I realized that 6 months earlier I had been dumped by his brother after sleeping with him. FML
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proudlyintp tells us more.

I am the OP and am going to clarify the original post because in trying to keep to the letter limit, the tenses got confusing. I originally dated the brother "A" for a month and half. He has a very common last name. After we finally slept together he immediately went missing, which happened to be before I could meet a large portion of his family. Now 6 months later on a different blind date with brother "B" we were talking about respective families. Almost immediately the stories started to ring very familiar. He was telling a story about his brother who worked for him and it became abundantly clear that I had heard the same story only from a different perspective. Since there is a yuck factor with dating brothers and I am not really into creating family drama needlessly I am bowing out.

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You either live in an extremly small town, or just have the worst luck ever haha.

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damnnnnnnnnn hahaha


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damnnnnnnnnn hahaha

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dirty little thundercunt. seesh how could of not met him or anything!!?

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I bet that coffee was nice and moist.

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well, that will make meeting the family a bit awkward now

Damn. That sucks! I'm thinking it's just some bad luck.

forget about his brother. if u really like the guy, there's no reason y u shouldn't keep dating him

Wait, you didn't realize they have the same last name? Fake.

just cause there brothers doesn't mean they hav the same last name

you should just **** the whole family!

Wow, you must be in your hundreds, men-wise, if after just 6 months you had no idea who the hell he was. : talk about slutty, jeez.

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why is this bad? it's a great oppourtunity. you get to be with a great guy and rub it in his brothers face that you are with him.

25 youre right about that. but what I'm wondering is how she didn't recognise him after she SLEPT with him. can we say SLUT?

30: Maybe she never met him before the blind date. I don't think it makes her a ****, because she slept with her bf at the time 6 months ago and is now interested in his brother. 35: You and I are interpreting the story differently. I read it as her ex-boyfriend dumping her after they had sex together...meaning he probably used her for sex.

wait... after Reading it again, it's not really clear WHO or who she didnt sleep with. OP has a way with unclear grammar. still... fyl for having an unclear sentence, and possibly fyl for not recognising someone you messed around with. if the second is true, you belong on the Maury show

it's pretty clear she slept with a guy 6 months ago and now has gone on a blind date with that guys brother... not that big of a deal if your ok with it just make sure he's ok too wouldn't want to keep that a secret

Lena, it's clear that she slept with his brother. Maybe that guy was her first and only. Maybe he was #100. Who know? Don't judge her. Unless you're projecting, of course...classic Freudian defense mechanism!

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Something else that will start sounding familiar to you: "Jamal, you are NOT the father!!"

hmmm could this be connected with that other fml???

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ur just goin around aren't you ?

Ok, the last sentence is really ambiguous; it could either mean she went out with a guy who dumped her as soon as they had sex, and now she so happens to be seeing his brother. Which isn't an FML to me, more like a chance to rub it in the other guy's face. OR, it means she was going out with the other guy, slept with his brother, and then got dumped. Now I'm confused. But I'm pretty sure it's the latter, because she would've said "as soon as I slept with him" in the former situation. In which case I maintain she's a ****.

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ydi for not knowing his name!!!!

Haha 26, agreed. There is nothing like keepin' it in the family!

agreed with 70. wow,

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Some of you clearly do not know how to read. The fml states that the OP went on a blind date, and after hearing the date's family stories, she realized that she had slept with the date's brother 6 months EARLIER ( as in BEFORE the date). Also, maybe the brothers have a different last name, or they have a common last name (Moore, Smith, etc.) and she might not have assumed that that was her date's brother. Therefor, the OP is not a ****, and this is a FML not a YDI

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so you used him for coffee :O ?!

You prostitute OP. YDI

Just because Op slept with his brother doesn't mean that she met him before, and don't assume they have the last name.

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well it doesn't matter...his brother dumped YOU.

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OP said "...dumped by HIS brother for sleeping with HIM." Clearly both pronouns are referring to the same person so I'm pretty sure she slept with the guy she had a blind date with and just didn't recognize him. At least that's how I'm understanding it

Well it is unclear either way. Saying "dumped me after sleeping with him" is too vague - basically the same as saying "at some point later, sometime since we had sex". You'd want to emphasise that sex was the reason, or just not include it in the FML at all - it's not relevant. It's just asking for double sympathy. YDI for not understanding grammar in any case.

hahaha! you should date him

Haha this reminds me of an episode of friends.

You could probably say that about almost any situation. lol.

Haha true #5 but I mean this exact scenario happened. Joey dated a girl and the apartment looked familiar, and he couldn't figure out why, until he remembered he had slept with the girl's sister before.

Ali_Br_fml 33

r u sure it wasn't with the roomie? I think it was the roommate and he got all mad because she didn't remember him. he kept asking her till the girl came in... and op, that sucks. His brother may be just like your ex who dumped you after sex. he probably just wanted to use you for sex... or you were THAT bad... But still, it would be very awkward meeting the family. The date would have a complex or something by getting his brother's seconds. No sibling likes sloppy seconds. Oh well, good luck. Not worth it unless it's really love & he won't dump you right after sex. How about you hold off the sex till you're sure he's legit if you date him? Then we'll see.

Fuck, I think your right 29. Oh well, close enough lol.

5's comment reminds me of an episode of Friends!

YDI for being a cheating *****. The person you saw also deserves painful anal rape for doing that to his own brother. The both of ya'll could go on and **** yourselves.

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I think the O.P. meant that the brother dumped her after she slept with the brother, not the blind date, and that the brother was just using her for sex. that's what I got out of it, I'll admit the wording at the end is weird though...

You either live in an extremly small town, or just have the worst luck ever haha.

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no idiot she dated her blind dates brother before him 6 months earlier

6 months and you forgot this guy? ****** idiot. YDI. FHL for having to go on a date with such a dumb bitch. ***** :)

YDI for drinking coffee. YDI for fornicating with his brother. YDI for fornicating, period. YDI for thinking that having been with his brother means you two can't see each other. YDI for gouging your eyes out before you went on your date.

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You forgot YDI for talking.

ydi for not remembering this guy from 6 months ago. :)

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Not him, his brother you nit.

That sucks. Well you can always just sleep with him. You don't need anything serious. it's all about the fun baby!

That's exactly what I was thinking. She is making this way too complicated.

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