By anon - 27/11/2015 20:21 - Canada - Calgary

Today, my stepmom asked me to bake pies for a dinner party she was having. Since I love baking, I said yes. When I went to deliver the pies, I found out they were for a family dinner I wasn't invited to. FML
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oj101 33

You should make her a cream pie, which you can then shove in her face.


derpina72 23

Leave and take all your pie with you, OP!

oj101 33

You should make her a cream pie, which you can then shove in her face.

That ended in a much less disgusting way than I anticipated, #2.

If you're gonna be gross, at least know how to spell "kinky"

xXShadowStormXx 12

I was thinking about something else....Have my +1 anyway!

you DO know that a cream pie is a sex thing, right? I don't think OP should shove that in his Mum's face. Ewww

joeyl2008 29

That's when you slip rat poison into the pies.

Dude wtf bro... If this is how you deal with slight annoyances, I fear for your family, friends, and roommates.

I'm always amazed when people read comments like #3 and take their incitements to murder seriously.

MonstreBelle 28

28- You mean all of these incitements to murder are a joke and not meant to be taken seriously? Shit, I think I'm gonna need a lawyer...

Badkarma4u 17

Because joking about killing people isn't really funny

#45 no, it's funny (sometimes.)it just isn't something you should joke about

To be completely a jerk, you could have just dropped them face down in the ground outside and walked out. Of course, most people, including myself, wouldn't do this thing despite feeling like I wanted to.

MonstreBelle 28

Why would anyone want to waste delicious pie? It should be a crime to drop pies on the ground instead of leaving with them and eating them yourself!

Then turn back, and take it home, or back to your room

Yeah this would be my reaction. And yeah it a waste of pie, but the mess it would cause would be worth it.

It's the principle, if you drop them on the ground you clearly show your dissatisfaction whilst bringing them home might lead her to think that you just want to eat them yourself.

mds9986 24

OP didn't know he or she wasn't invited until after the pies were given to the family.

Sprinkle chilli powder on top and watch them sweat

That's when you eat the pies by yourself or with some of your own friends, ones that treat you better then your family.