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By Marea90h - 25/11/2020 16:58

Today, my fiancé finally was able secure a PS5, which I told him I'd get for Christmas. Due to high demand, I didn't think he'd be able to get it till next week or so. He bought it last night while I was sleeping. I have to pay my car insurance tomorrow. FML
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If you're so low on money, should you be buying the most expensive gaming system on the market?

phybreawptic 13


phybreawptic 13

If you're so low on money, should you be buying the most expensive gaming system on the market?

OP didn’t buy it. It seems her idiot fiancé used her insurance money to buy it.

Apparently, they are co-mingling funds even before they are married. For a couple on such a tight budget, it seems overly extravagant to buy the top-of-the-line system.

credit card? Obviously don't over do it, but if the problem is the funds are just a couple weeks delayed it could be a solution.

The problem isn't that he used my money, I offered it and he definitely deserves the gift for being the King he is :) The problem is that I completely forgot I had my insurance to pay the very next day. Definitely an "I deserve it" moment lol

I haven't own a console since the PlayStation 2 lol my PC is way faster tbh but really he should have communicated with you instead of spending money behind your back

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you couldn't even right one comment without bragging about owning a pc lol

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To be fair u can get a pc for cheaper now adays i legit bought my friend a brand new tower for $300 all u need is to get a few other parts with it and it will be better than a ps5 in every way pretty much ._.

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Unless all ur friends have a play station or something i would assume a pc is just better in every way

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You didn't really do any research about this at all did you? There were specific days and times that PS5s were available to be sold, and if he hadn't bought it during that window, he never would have got one. As-is, he was extremely lucky to beat out the scripting-running scalpers.