By youknowyoureoptimisticwhen - Canada - Montr?al
Today, I went to McDonald's. I was unaware of the Monopoly contest that they were holding. I was also unaware that you have to get 3 stickers of the same colour to claim your prize, and that it's not that easy to win a Jeep Cherokee. Taking down my Facebook post was awkward. FML
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  Rodville  |  28

It was the company that ran the contest. And they gave all the prized to their friends and family for almost ten years before they were caught.

By  Tamandua  |  19

Well hopefully there weren't a lot of people congratulating you before you took the post down.

Don't sweat it OP. People make mistakes all the time.

By  gosh_mate  |  30

You kinda deserve that... Games like that are always extremely difficult and you're pretty unlikely to win anything. especially if it doesn't say instant prizes ect.