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Today, my boss heard a rumor that I was in a relationship with a fellow co-worker. He assured me that inside relationships weren't against any store policy, so I confirmed it. He then fired my boyfriend anyway. FML
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Hey this is the Op.. So many great comments haha. I completely regret confirming it, it was like I walked into a trap. I'm going to talk to my head boss though because it's kind of ridiculous

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IAmzephyr 22

so he fired your boyfriend and not you? maybe it was for another reason?

tony1891 22

or maybe the boss is a horny bastard who wants op for himself.


IAmzephyr 22

so he fired your boyfriend and not you? maybe it was for another reason?

That's what I was thinking. He was most likely getting fired before your boss found out you were dating him.

tony1891 22

or maybe the boss is a horny bastard who wants op for himself.

Yeah it seems like theres more to the story we arent hearing.

Yea like the boyfriend being fired for lying, Op kept her job for being truthful.

It wasn't against store policy so how can he get fired for lying about something as silly as that?

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Read the fml again. The op stated it wasn't against policy and she checked for herself to confirm.

chlorinegreen 27

Op only confirmed when the boss told her that she wouldn't get in trouble for dating her co-worker

#10, she confirmed the rumor, not the policy.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Dating coworkers usually never ends well... But I guess you figured that out already. Maybe it was for a different reason? Or maybe he lied to you, but that would be messed up.

Plenty of successful relationships that have blossomed in the office.

13- And for all the other office relationships that didn't work out, especially those that ended spectacularly?

Successeful relationship: Priceless. For everything else, there's Unemployment Cheque.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

#13 I never said it NEVER ended well. But when office or workplace relationships don't last, it can cause a lot of tension and also awkwardness, thus sometimes preventing work from being done.

I'd assume more work would be done in order to avoid each other.

The only thing that makes life unfair is the delusion that it should be fair. Hope your boyfriend can find a new job elsewhere, that's super shady of your boss though

I've always thought life is perfectly fair it's people who are unfair to one another

Life is perfectly fair? That is a crock of shit.

Well what has life specifically done to you if I may ask? You are pretty much promised only life and then death it says nothing about how long or how the quality is We have a planet that has the things we require to get by on and generally a lack thereof or severe mistreatment is due to human interaction

JMichael 25

Wolf does have a point. "Life is unfair" is just a phrase we use to justify the things that happen to us when ultimately they are a consequence of either our own or someone else's actions.

PSYqualiac 17

"Expecting the world to be fair to you because you are fair is like expecting the lion not to eat you because you did not eat the lion."

ChristianH39 30

Life is not fair. People are born into poverty every day, born with crippling genetic defects, killed by drunk drivers, etc. This world is a lot of things, but fair isn't one of them. That comes off as massively cynical but I'm not, I'm just saying it's easy to think life is fair if you haven't had fate or circumstance beyond your control screw you. I agree with 4s sentiment though.

#40 poverty, that's humans fault. nothing you listed was done by life. life didn't cut down trees, give humans clothes, alcohol, money, children. there is no stork that gives you children. you can't be a virgin Mary. And even children from rape wasn't life's fault. life is simply life. it's the air you breathe, that gave you life. that's all life promises, life. life is simply the ability to live. how you die or when you die is pretty much your choice. life isn't a living thing it self that turns into a devil or Angel and attacks or helps you. life itself can not be fair or unfair. And blaming the very thing that gave you life for your own doing is wrong. would you blame your mother for your wallet getting stolen when you went to the store? it sounds to me like many people would rather be dead, since life isn't supposed to be fair now.

ChristianH39 30

Is there a logical point in there somewhere? Because it sounds to me like you just said it's fair for someone to be born into and live in poverty because that's societies fault. Not only that but your entire argument makes no sense because society is a part of life, being alive isn't simply drawing breath. Like I said I'm not actually that pessimistic, and I'm not saying the world owes anyone anything. I'm just saying you can't call life perfectly fair when you haven't had it the worst, and I haven't.

lilbillXD 16

Life is fair because life is unfair to everyone.

When people are talking about life in this context they're not talking about biological life specifically, you pedant. They're talking about everything that comes with living as a human being in this world. Relationships, family, friends, work, our life circumstances if you will. This includes other people, and all the things that those people do, and the things we do to those people. And I'd argue that life is not equally cruel to all of us. My life as a white, middle-class woman in a wealthy developed nation is considerably kinder to me than the life of a starving, sick child in Ethiopia, for no discernible reason than the circumstances of our birth. So yes, life is unfair.

What about people getting killed by natural disasters like earthquakes, tornados, tsunamis, ice storms, hurricanes, etc...? You can argue an increase in odd weather phenomena due to global warming, but these disasters happened long before humans and will continue long after (in other words, they are not due to human failure). So.... an eight year old child is ripped apart and drowned in a tsunami. Is life still fair for him?

Life, taxes*, and death are the only guarantees.

The fact that he fired your boyfriend and not you as well makes me wonder... plus he did say inside dating wasn't against anything... hmm...

If you can afford it and are qualified enough, time to give your boss the sack and sollicitate at another firm... For breaking trust with you.

Think it's obvious what happened here, he had a crush on your boyfriend this whole time and though it isn't against company policy he can no longer bare seeing him every day knowing he's taken by another.. Right?

Good thing i live in a Country where it is very hard to fire someone with immediate effect.