By ScienceFail - 25/07/2010 19:31 - United States

Today, I tried to open the research paper I've been working on for the past month, only to discover that the entire file is permanently lost and can't be recovered. This is not the first time this has happened to this paper. FML
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How does the file just magically disappear forever like that?

I did that to your science research paper cuz the despicable me guy is not the only villian in the word 

Jimmie is right- any important file like this should have at least one backup, possibly two. ESPECIALLY since this has happened to you before! YDI for being unprepared. Take this as a life lesson. Fool me once, shame on you, etc.

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Fool you once, shame on you. Fool you twice, you my bitch! - Conan O'brien

Since this isn't frost time you should learn to learn from your mistakes and prevent those that are preventable and make the best of those that aren't.

I've had sumthing like that happen once. then I learned from it! so sorry, but that's a ydi for not having it saved in more than one place an learning your lesson.

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jeez. at least email it to yourself every day if you can't do anything else. and stop visiting **** sites and links from facebook and getting viruses ;)

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If this happened before why would you not back it up?

sounds like you are familiar with the paper so I'm sure you can remember most of it...YDI

So if thus isn't the first time, you have multiple backups from which to choose ...

if its windows, sometimes if you open a program in admin and save a file you have to run the program as admin again to see the file. maybe this is the case?

take it to the geek squad at best buy. they will recover this file along with all the **** on your pc. you better not have anything illegal on your pc or they will call the cops.

unless your device was put in the microwave oven for 1 minute , any file can be recovered.

somebody doesn't want research to be done on said topic........ XD

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Ydi for not learning from your mistakes and making a backup.

@iicaptain: it couldnt be recovered by someone who doesnt learn to make backups after already losing a months work, however the geek squad would be able to in most cases. @OP YDI, learn in future

your a dumb idiot 4 not changing your ways and backing it up!!

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is your name mr. sassy pants or mrs. assy pants? :/

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ya lol If it's happened before u should prepare next time for it just in case

Get a new computer or make sure you save to the right file?

let me guess. your using a pc. hmm well this stuff wouldn't happen if you used the best computer company in the world!!!! (Mac) APPLE FTW

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apples are overpriced pieces of shit. people just need to be careful with their computers

Time Machine ftw. (automatic backups every hour)

My pc never lost anything but my iPod has

wait apple is a computer company i thought they gave up on pcs about the time they started making crappy tablets and untested/broken phones

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That is what I was going to say #3. Or maybe even a new computer...

Too bad you added the 'this is not the first time this has happened to this paper', it probably makes it worse for you, but I have to say YDI. The first time should have taught you something.

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maybe you just didn't save it in the first place. oh well ya get what comes to ya :P

someone needs a backup invest on drives

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YDI for not learning from past mistakes.

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always have a back up plan. YDI