By dmanrique - 04/10/2011 15:10 - United States

Today, my friend decided to jump out of a moving car. I had to explain to the nice old lady who stopped that my friend who was convulsing on the ground wasn't on drugs, he's just really stupid. FML
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Get new friends?

NoNotTheFace 8

Quick, while he's still on the ground, kick him in the nuts, hard. Boobs like him should never reproduce.


Get new friends?

I would love to hear that story from the woman's perspective, lol

get a new woman to stand on the pavement?

Mean_Mr_Mustard 9

Poor old lady. OP, does your friend by any chance have a special helmet his mom tells him to wear and does/did he ride a rather petite bus to and from school?

TheRealEllieSan 9

Today, some young whippersnapper on jumps out of his friends moving vehicle while they were driving past me. The worst part is, they thought i looked stupid enough to be convinced they weren't on any drugs. FML

Get new drugs?

I would love to know OP's friend's reasoning for this... "Ooh a cat!!" *Jumps*

Should of told her it's what the cool kids do

You guys overreact, I was just practicing my barrel roll.

Stupidity IS the new drug. Every kid is on it now.

Georgieeporgiee 9

Imagine what he'd do if he was actually high....

94- I get on high that erryday!

chell1894 13

I always wanted to try that..

OP, who let him out of the mental institution? People like that need to stay in their padded cell forever. They're a threat to humanity! As for 21, don't try.

My friends and I got drunk and he decided to jump off the back of my truck while I was spending down my street

Haha wow! Sounds like my friends!

Sounds like me O_o

One day, cheesenuggrt is going to wind up with a Darwin Award, I think...

Sounds like your friend and your friends are awesome

"friends" means not only one. FYL! you need to amend your social circles.

guckylynn 19

Posthumously of course 31.

Sounds like somethig I would do

sseberly 11

Cocaine is a hell of a drug. - Rick James on The Chapelle Show

It's Rick James, bitch!!

sseberly 11

Charlie Murphyyyyyyyy!

Meth is one helluva drug - Lois Griffin, Family Guy


I'm Rick James bitch!!!!!!'

FlyingLazerWALRU 0


Ahh, friends. Gotta love em'!

grapes1414 0

Wow lol ! Some people's kids !

Some people..? No.. This is natural selection trying it's best.

oops_im_fucked 8

Anyone else HATE that space some people put between a word and the punctuation?

NoNotTheFace 8

Quick, while he's still on the ground, kick him in the nuts, hard. Boobs like him should never reproduce.

a boob with nuts? you, my friend, have just invented the scariest (and most arousing) porn pitch of all time.

NoNotTheFace 8

Most arousing? Well, read the first few lines of my profile description. After reading that, you would probably know why I'm thanking you. Thank you, gimmerie.

it's my pleasure, good masirdam.


If he's stupid enough to do it once I'll bet he's gonna try it again working legs or not, he'll find a way.

Stupid friends: everyone has at least one.

BellaBelle_fml 23

And sometimes you are the stupid friend.

Most people have 4

Binsy just wanted to say damn ur fine

I have 1 (-_-) u got to love them before u snap

youngbuck10 9

It's always fun to have a stupid friend! They always seem to outlive everyone, even though they shouldn't. Lol. Poor woman she probably had a heart attack.

megapeyt 17

What an idiot

bigAC 6

from your friend's perspective: "today, i saw an old lady who needed help crossing the street, so i decided to jump out of my car to help her. too bad the car was moving. FML"