By jaskyriddims - 16/09/2009 19:58 - Dominica

Today, my family gathered to pray. It was my brother's turn to pray and he ended with this, "...and help Chev that he does not become the disappointment everyone expects him to be. Amen." I looked on in shock as my entire family nodded and said "Amen" in agreement. Hi, I'm Chev. FML
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aww, well you prove them wrong ! :D


YDI for being a failure

totally agree

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Hi Chev!!

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In Soviet Russia, Chev is you!

did you punch your brother in the throat? i would have. twice.

"hi chev!!" :DD

don't worry God loves you

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Chev the chav

YDI for believing in a magical wizard in the sky

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your life is just horrible.

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well apparently your parents thought you were gonna be a failure in life that's why they named you Chev. wtf is that short for? chevrolet?

#3, just so you know, not everyone has the typical "americanized" names. If you didn't notice, he lives in Dominica. Stop being so ignorant.

Hahahaha, fucking seriously. "cletus wut's we gonn' name da new kid?" "i daw no, bobbi jo. why don't we's name it chevy like our otha kid pontiac?" *spits in spittoon and chugs moonshyne* But, OP lives in Dominica.

Heyy, Moonshine isn't the poison of hillbillies anymore... haven't you heard, they're "pill-billies" now! Thank you, Diane Sawyer.

*High fives mercy* YEAAAH! Also, Vicodin FTW! Ecstasy too! *High fifteen* Lol, I misspelled "ecstasy" as "ecstasTy" the first time. Yummm.

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Funny but slick:]

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well maybe you should try to stop SUCKING AT LIFE!!! YDI

aww, well you prove them wrong ! :D

Hi Chev! :] Agreed with #5. Your family will regret it when you're all big and successful.

You're welcome!

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nope soap!

go prove them wrong!!! dont let other people hold you back and put you down!!

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What loving, supportive parents you have!

who actually "gathers to pray"?

Anyone who goes to church?

Not 'anyone who goes to church'. Some families are still close enough to do that... most though don't really have 'family dinners', let alone 'family prayer'. Maybe its because the OP is in a different country? Maybe their values, such as family time, haven't diminished like the US.

Yes, 'anyone who goes to church,' since going to church is gathering to pray. I never said that churchgoers are the only people who gather to pray. I was just giving #12 an example of people who actually gather to pray.

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I spy a mass argument coming on. :']

xD I HOPE there's no mass argument coming on! I was just clearing up what I said. Besides, even if there was a mass argument coming on, I'd lose. The pressure's on (Mercy has her popcorn!) and I'd get nervous.

Our buses (Where I'm from anyway) use to have advertisements that said 'Don't worry, there is no god.' Why would public transport lie to me?

Because someone paid them enough. :]

It's a sign. It's a sign from a higher more cynical power then myself.

You would not lose, Pandasaur. Because I love mass arguments, and I would back you up, and I'm reasonably certain it would be very easy to prove that people who go to church usually gather to pray.