By fuckingfloridahowihatethee - 26/04/2014 19:55 - United States - Punta Gorda

Today, I was taking the bus to work, when a man sat down beside me. The guy was nuttier than Ron Jeremy's ballsack, and had a face like a shovel and the worst meth mouth I've ever seen. I had to sit there for ages while he frantically muttered to himself and picked at my hair. FML
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Why not just switch seat, or stand up? Can't be that hard if he was so bad.

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"Nuttier than Ron Jeremy's nut sack." Best analogy ever!


Why not just switch seat, or stand up? Can't be that hard if he was so bad.

This comment is really all that is needed.

I agree. Although I voted that their life sucks, they kind of deserved it for not being smart enough to move away.

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The only question I have is how she knows how nutty Ron Jeremy's sac is..

If not you could always get off as if it's your stop and get on the next one. If someone was that creepy, I would.

even if the bus was full, get up and move away or just say something! at best start fake coughing without covering your mouth, people even the crazy ones will tend to move away. I voted both cause while it was creepy and sad, OP could have done something to make him stop.

If you take into consideration the fact that OP was probably on a crowded bus (though this isn't definite; some people get REALLY chummy on buses) then she didn't really have anywhere to go. For someone to be able to sit next to her, she'd have to be sat in the window seat, and so if someone were to sit next to her, the only way to get past the crazy meth-head would be to jump through the window, otherwise she'd end up risking him doing something worse than picking at her hair.

I would have STOOD rather than sit next to someone who made me this uncomfortable. Heck, if it's that bad, I'd consider getting off and catching the next bus. But where I live, there are fairly frequent buses. If the buses don't run well in Florida (and I grew up in Orlando, land of the hourly buses), OP may not have much of a choice.

At least he was not touching you awkwardly...

"...picked at my hair." I think that could be considered touching.

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well if he's cute or attractive I don't think OP would mind. If he's cute I would be flattered.

Did you not read OPs description of this character?

"...face like a shovel and the worst meth mouth I've ever seen." Maybe I should just quote the entire FML.

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What are you guys talking about? OP has described what society needs in a man. GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT!!!!!

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Nice double standards. If an unattractive man finds you attractive it's creepy and you should be disgusted, if an attractive man finds you attractive you should be flattered.

30 - It's more what he does, rather than being unattractive. Plus, drug use itself is unattractive to most people. Have you seen meth mouth? It's ******* disgusting, and a turn off in itself, no matter what the person looks like. Attractive people can be creepy too, it all depends on how they act on their attraction.

But, was he touching OP's hair, but not in an awkward place, like her boobs. If OP asked him to stop, and he kept doing it for at least five seconds, it is considered rape.

Touching someones hair is not rape. Get a grip on reality.

45, Why does it matter where he was touching her? He's a stranger and no consent whatsoever was given for him to put his hands on her. Being female, I would expect you to sympathize with her plight (not to insinuate that men are not also harassed similarly).

Yell, "Assault!" And proceed to run around screaming while the problem still doesn't seem to be solved.

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"Nuttier than Ron Jeremy's nut sack." Best analogy ever!

TIL who Ron Jeremy is. Thanks google images

I love the ******* word choice in this. Haha

The real question is how does OP know how nutty Ron Jeremy's nut sack is?

That must have been one full bus since you couldn't move unless he went crazy if you tied

Why didn't you just bring it to the drivers attention that you were being assaulted/harassed and have him removed?

why not just stand up or go to another seat. YDI.....

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The bus could've been full or maybe OP tried and the guy got crazier or maybe OP was paralyzed by fear. I would probably be pretty freaked out in that situation too.

I would've knocked the guy out if he started picking at my hair. Never touch a guys hair.....

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I'm a former city transit bus driver. If someone is actually bothering you, including invasion of personal space, or causing a danger (Mental OR physical) to anyone on the bus, tell the driver. S/he is obligated to fix the problem up to and including calling the police to have the offender removed. If the driver does not rectify the situation, make a note of the bus number (Usually four digits painted on the outside), and the time of day. Contact the company and make a formal complaint.

For once there is actually a comment with some sound advice